Re-Employment of Faculty and Staff

Re-Employment of Faculty and Staff

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, May 10, 1977 3 Tuesday, April 13, 2004 Personnel

All faculty and staff will be considered for re-employment.

Letters seeking the intent of administrators, faculty, and staff concerning re-employment will be sent to administrators, faculty and staff for re-employment by April 1. These letters will be sent from the President’s office or his designee.

If it becomes necessary to inform an administrator, faculty, or staff, member that he/she will not be recommended for re-employment, he/she will be advised in writing of this recommendation by May 20 of the current school session. Recommendations for employment to the Board of Trustees will be made no later than the June Board meeting for individuals who are employed during the current school session.

An official contract will be sent to the administrator, faculty, and staff for re-employment as soon as possible after the June Board meeting.