Employment Plan

Employment Plan

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, November 13, 1984 7 Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Personnel

The President of Pearl River Community College will recommend to the Board of Trustees all regular full-time and part-time faculty and professional staff to be employed. Support Staff and adjunct faculty employees will be hired by the President.

Recruitment efforts will be made to attract the best qualified personnel to Pearl River Community College. The process of recruitment will be administered in accordance with all institutional and governmental regulations.

The head of a non-instructional unit of the College, with the approval of administrators above his or her position, including the President of the College, may reassign personnel within the unit before determining what, if any, vacancies exist within the unit. Any vacancy determined to exist will then be filled according to the appropriate procedure described below.

  1. Employment – Support Staff – (an employee in a non-teaching position which does not require a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor’s degree). Support Staff employee vacancies will be advertised internally or internally/externally for one (1) week. The appropriate Vice President or immediate supervisor may appoint a committee to review the applications, schedule interviews for the qualified applicants with the committee, and set a date for tests to be administered, if applicable. A recommendation will then be made to the President of the top applicant for the position. The President may schedule an interview with the top applicant before making the final decision.
  2. Employment – Professional – (Professional employees are faculty members and non-instructional employees whose jobs require a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctor’s degree).Administrative, faculty (except for adjunct faculty), and professional staff vacancies will be announced internally or internally/externally for one (1) week.The following steps outline the application process:
    1. An application form may be secured by contacting the appropriate administrator’s office.
    2. The application form, an up-to-date transcript, a resume, three letters of reference, and a statement of any other qualifications should be submitted.
    3. The applicants will be screened by the screening committee, and selected applicants will be scheduled for interviews after the announcement is closed. Non-selected applicants will be notified in writing of selection status.The screening committee for faculty members will be recommended by the appropriate Vice President to the President of the College. The committee will have from three to five members and will typically consist of the chair of the department in which the vacancy exists, an instructor of the same or a closely related subject area, and an instructor from an unrelated subject area.The screening committee for professional staff positions other than instructors will be recommended by the administrator of the College unit in which the vacancy exists to the President of the College. The committee will have from three to five members with at least one of the members from outside the College unit in which the vacancy exists.The screening committee will submit its recommendation to the President of the College along with the files of other applicants who were interviewed. The President may choose to interview any or all applicants and will recommend his or her choice to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make the final decision concerning the employment of professional staff members and faculty members other than adjunct instructors.
    4. Adjunct instructors will be secured by the administrator directly responsible for the positions to be filled, in consultation with faculty and other administrators. The final responsibility for determining the qualifications of all instructors rests with the appropriate Vice President.
    5. Should a present employee wish to be considered for a position that becomes available within the College, the following procedures will apply:
      1. An employee who wishes to be given first consideration in transfer or promotion must be qualified for the position.
      2. An employee seeking a change in position must make the request for the change to the President of the College through the appropriate channels.
      3. After the selection process as described in Section 3 of this procedure has been completed, each employee will be notified of his/her acceptance or rejection.