Job Performance Responsibilities

Job Performance Responsibilities

Adopted: Tuesday, December 7, 1993 
Revision Number: 1 
Revision Date: Monday, May 9, 1994 
Reference: Personnel


Job performance responsibilities will be defined for every College position.


A job description for each position of the College will be on file in the President’s Office. A copy of the job description will be given to the employee and a copy will be kept on file by his or her immediate supervisor. Job descriptions will be reviewed annually and updated as deemed necessary.

Employees whose salaries are funded by grants must perform the duties as specified within the grant.

All employees are to serve the College in an efficient and responsible manner. Extensive use of time for matters not pertaining directly to employment is not allowed. Being on time for work and notifying the supervisor in instances of tardiness or absences are expected.

The image of the College is presented by the employees who communicate with an individual, whether student, colleague, or guest. Employees are to uphold standards with the public and co-workers in a courteous, tactful, and cooperative manner.

The College does not have a formal dress code. However, each employee is to dress in a professional manner in the workplace. Each supervisor shall ensure that all employees observe acceptable dress standards.

Selected employees of the College such as food service and police personnel are required to wear uniforms during the performance of their duties.

It is the responsibility of the employee to make arrangements for the care of their children during working hours. The employee is not allowed to care for their children in the workplace.

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.