Faculty Salary Schedules

Faculty Salary Schedules


Adopted: Tuesday, November 13, 1984 
Revision Number: 2 
Revision Date: Tuesday, January 9, 1996 
Reference: Personnel


The Board of Trustees will approve faculty salary schedules.


The published salary schedules will have categories to recognize different levels of instructional preparation and experience.


At the beginning of a faculty member’s employment at PRCC, the individual’s salary will be established on a schedule based upon past experience as a teacher and the highest degree and number of graduate hours earned in the teaching field. Credit for experience will only be given based upon past full-time employment. Credit will be granted for each year of full-time teaching experience up to ten years. Special consideration may be granted for unusual experience and the number of transferrable years. Special consideration cases will require an appeal process and waiver approval of the President.

Faculty will advance to the next year pay level with each year of full-time teaching at PRCC.

A faculty member may also advance to the next higher pay level after successfully completing the required number of credits as indicated on the pay schedule. To qualify for the next level, a faculty member must successfully complete graduate level courses in a field or program approved by the appropriate Vice President and President prior to enrollment. All documentation to verify credits earned as well as a letter of request must be submitted to the Vice President prior to the start of a new academic year.

A deviation from the salary schedule may be recommended for College professional employees in instances where market forces have placed a severe and/or critical demand on the institution as a result of having to compete with hospitals and clinics and related entities for available personnel.

This provision will only be utilized in an emergency situation and/or when the accredited status of a program is jeopardized and will not be utilized if an alternative is available to the college. Any such alternative will be recommended to the President by the Vice President. The President will then seek approval by the Board of Trustees.

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