Semester Hour Credit

Semester Hour Credit

POLICY OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF PEARL RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Tuesday, March 19, 2013 1 Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Educational Programs

Pearl River Community College will follow sound and acceptable practices when awarding credit for coursework regardless of format or delivery method.  Where prescribed by the Mississippi Community College Board, those policies defining a credit hour will be followed.

Pearl River Community College will award one semester hour of credit for 750 minutes of lecture and one semester hour of credit for 1500 minutes of laboratory.  This is student and teacher contact time.  A lecture hour credit also carries the expectation that a student will spend approximately twice the amount of time in preparation as in formalized instruction. It excludes time for class changes and final examinations and complies with MCCB Policy Code Number 9.2, page 3.

While not specifically addressed in MCCB policy, it is accepted practice to award one hour of credit for 2250 minutes of clinical instruction.

Online courses, as well as courses with other delivery methods, have course content, methods of assessment, and course outcomes that are equivalent to courses using traditional methods.  The same credit will therefore be awarded for those courses as for traditional face-to-face delivery methods.