Communicable Diseases

Communicable Diseases


Adopted: Tuesday, December 7, 1993 
Revision Number: 2 
Revision Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 
Reference: Administrative, Student Affairs, Personnel


The College will comply with all Federal and State Laws applicable to employees, students and job applicants with communicable diseases. 


PRCC’s decision involving persons with communicable diseases shall be based on current and well-informed medical judgments concerning the disease, the risks of transmitting the disease to others, the symptoms, special circumstances of each person who has a communicable disease, and a careful weighing of the identified risks and available alternatives for responding to an employee or student with a communicable disease.

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures to be followed in the event an employee/student has or contracts a communicable disease.  Communicable diseases include, but not limited to, measles, influenza, viral hepatitis A (infectious Hepatitis A), viral hepatitis B (serum Hepatitis B), human immune-deficiency virus (HIV infection), AIDS, AIDS related complex (ARC), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), tuberculosis, or any other common disease in accordance with information received through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The College will not discriminate against any job applicant, employee, or student based on the individual having a communicable disease.  PRCC is committed to providing a working and educational environment free of health hazards to its employees and students.  Employees and students shall not be denied access to the workplace or educational environment based solely on the grounds that they have a communicable disease.  The College reserves the right to exclude a person with a communicable disease from the facility, programs, and functions if it is medically determined that such a restriction is necessary for the welfare of the affected person or the welfare of others within our facility, programs, and functions.

The College will make educational materials regarding communicable diseases available for students and employees.

Updated on April 11, 2024

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