From your first contact with PRCC, our top priority is your success! You will find counselors, advisors, instructors and office personnel who care about helping you reach your educational goal.

The guidance and counseling professionals at PRCC educate students about issues so they can make informed decisions regarding their lives. The following services are available to all PRCC students:

  • Educational Counseling and Advisement
  • Career Counseling and Advisement
  • Interest Inventories
  • Transfer Assistance

Contact Information

Poplarville Campus

Online Classes

Center for Academic Engagement – Crosby Hall (1st Floor)
Main Number: 601-403-1250
Fax Number:  601-403-1423


Whitney Chambers, Director of Advisement
Hannah Morris, Academic Advisor
Hannah Torchia, Academic Advisor
Mallory Lee, Advising Support Specialist
Irene Morton, Advising Support Specialist

First-Year Experience
Lisa Wall, Director of First-Year Experience
Emily Sheckells, FYE Orientation (ROAR) Coordinator

Student Support Services – Jefferson Davis Hall, Room 101
Main Number: 601-403-1266
Georgia Field, Director of Student Support Services

Disability Services -Ted J. Alexander Administration Bldg.
Main Number: 601-403-1215
Eddie Sandifer, ADA/VA Coordinator

VA Services – Ted J. Alexander Administration Bldg.
Main Number: 601-403-1211
Gloria Wasmund, VA Certifying Official

Office of eLearning – Poplarville Campus, Garvin H Johnston Library
Main Number: 601-403-1110


Michele Mitchell, Dean of eLearning
Blair Davis, eLearning Support Specialist
Amy Stevens, eLearning Support Specialist
Rebekah Hovermale, eLearning Support Specialist
Destiny Golden, eLearning Support Specialist

Forrest County Campus

Hancock Campus

Office of Student Services – Building 3
Main Number: 601-554-5500


Michelle Wilson-Stokes – Dean of Student Services
Latessa Allen – Student Success Center Coordinator
Chelsie Lyles– Recruiter/Advisor
Eddie Sandifer – ADA Coordinator/Advisor
Rosalynn Vaughn – Counselor

Hancock Campus Administrative Office
Main Number: 228-252-7000

Dr. Raymunda Barnes, Director of the Hancock Campus

Student Support Services

The Student Support Services office provides free tutoring for eligible students*, study skills assistance, assistance for the physically handicapped, general counseling, and assistance in transferring to a four-year college or university. Student Support Services (601-403-1266) is located on the Poplarville Campus, Jefferson Davis Hall, Room 101.

*Student Support Services qualifications – full time student plus one or more of the following: first-generation college student; individuals from economically disadvantaged families; individuals with disabilities.

Sessions conducted by counselors are kept confidential. Information of a confidential nature is released only upon a client’s written request, in circumstances which could result in a clear danger to the client or others, or as may be required by law.

Pearl River Community College offers career assistance and advisement to all students and potential students of the college. The college does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age or disability.

Advisement FAQs

A:    Advisement services are offered on the Poplarville, Forrest County Campus, and fully online through the Office of e-Learning. We offer a full range of services including personal, career, and educational counseling in the academic and career-technical areas. The campus office locations and contact information is listed above.

A:    A full-time student must maintain a minimum course load of 15 semester hours, of which at least 9 hours must be other than activity courses. Anything below 15 semester hours is considered part-time status. For additional information see the Student Course Load section in the PRCC catalog.

A:    A student at Pearl River Community College may choose the University Transfer or Academic Program, a Technical Program, or a Career Program. 

    The University Transfer or Academic Program is recommended for a student who intends to transfer to a college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. This program is designed to meet the requirements of the first two years of a college or university program leading to a bachelor’s degree. A student completing the university transfer program of study may be awarded the Associate in Arts (AA) Degree.

    A Technical Program, including Allied Health and Associate Degree Nursing programs, is recommended for a student seeking preparation for employment in a field that does not require a bachelor’s degree. Each of these programs has specific requirements that a student must meet to earn the Associate in Applied Science Degree.

    A Career Program is recommended for a student seeking training in the skills necessary for employment in a specific occupational field. Career courses are not transferable. A student completing a Career program is awarded a Certificate of Proficiency.

     See the Student Catalog for more information.

A:    Courses required for Career and Technical programs are listed in the Student Catalog.

A:    See your advisor to change your major or program of study. If you are not assigned an advisor at this time, email for assistance.

A:    You can find information about the ACT and register for the national ACT at You may also find out more information about the Residual ACT through our library at 

A:    The PRCC catalog states “A student following a transfer program of student has the opportunity to earn the Associate in Arts degree and can typically transfer up to one-half of the total semester hours required for a bachelor’s degree at a university or four-year college.”

A:    Effective fall 2011, developmental courses will no longer apply toward any associate degree at PRCC. These courses do not transfer; however, they will be calculated in your G.P.A. at PRCC.

A:    You must contact your transfer institution for their policy on the transfer of a “D”. Some colleges and universities do not accept courses in which a grade of “D” has been earned.

A:    Allied Health program applications and information are available in the Health Sciences and Nursing section. Click here to visit Health Sciences and Nursing page. Allied Health applications and information are also available in the Advisement Office (Poplarville: 601-403-1250) and each Allied Health program office.

    Associate Degree Nursing program information and the application packet may be found on the Associate Degree Nursing webpage. For additional information regarding the application process, please contact the Department of Nursing Education at 601-403-1016/1017.

    Practical Nursing program applications and information are available on the Practical Nursing webpage. Practical Nursing applications and information are also available in the Counseling, Advisement, and Placement Center (Poplarville Campus: 601-403-1250) and the Career Technical Department (Forrest County Campus: 601-403-1827).

A:    In order to meet admission requirements for transfer to a Mississippi public university, a student must meet one of the following:    

  • Earn an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree from PRCC with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Meet the requirements for entering freshmen at the university and earn an overall 2.0 grade point average on all college hours attempted.
  • Attain a C average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in the following twenty-six (26) semester credit hours:
    *  English Composition –6 semester hours
    *  College Algebra or higher-level mathematics—3 semester hours
    *  Laboratory Sciences—8 semester hours
    *  Transferable electives—9 semester hours
    *  Most colleges require a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0; however, the G.P.A. requirement for acceptance in your major may be higher. You must contact your transfer institution for their policy on transfer G.P.A.