Complaints and Grievances (Employees)

Complaints and Grievances (Employees)


Adopted: Tuesday, May 11, 1976 
Revision Number: 3 
Revision Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 
Reference: Personnel


Pearl River Community College Board of Trustees will ensure due process to all employees in accordance with the law.


Actions affecting the terms and conditions of employment will be subject to a review process. The review process will afford every employee the right to be informed of the reasons for administrative decisions that affect the terms or conditions of employment. This procedure will also be followed relating to disputes involving ownership of intellectual property. Hearings may be conducted at the administrative level and, if requested, by the Board of Trustees. The decision of the Board of Trustees may be appealed by an employee as provided by law.

Any member of the faculty, staff, or administration will be entitled to:

  1. Request a hearing at the administration level with a designated committee appointed by the President.
  2. Request a public hearing before the Board of Trustees, or a hearing officer appointed by the Board, within seven (7) days, if the committee hearing is unsatisfactory. This hearing must be held within thirty (30) days from the request of the employee. A letter will be sent to the employee to set the time, place and date of such hearing with return receipt requested. The hearing will be conducted under rules of the Board which will include due process of law and fairness for both parties. The Board will cause to be made a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of the hearing which will be transcribed, and a copy will be made available to the employee upon request. A charge may be assessed the employee not in excess of one-half the reporter s fee under Section 9-13 33, Mississippi Code 1972. The President will notify the employee in writing of the decision of the Board within seven (7) days after the date of completion of the hearing.Any employee aggrieved by the Board s final decision will have the right to appeal such decision, to the appropriate chancery court in the manner provided in Section 11-51-79, Mississippi Code of 1972. An Appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court in a manner provided by law may be taken from the decision of the chancery court.
  3. Be represented by legal counsel, at his/her own expense.
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