County Tuition Assistance

County Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP)

  1. What is the County Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP)?

    The County Tuition Assistance Program or CTAP is a partnership between Pearl River Community College and local counties to provide financial support to cover the cost of regular tuition to attend PRCC. This program is made possible through support from County and City Officials from the City of Hattiesburg, Forrest County, and Hancock County.

  2. Who is eligible to receive CTAP funds?

    Currently, residents from Forrest County and Hancock County are eligible to receive CTAP funds. High school equivalency certificate recipients from these counties are also eligible.

  3. What are the requirements for students to complete in order to receive CTAP funds?

    To receive funds through the CTAP, you must complete the following items (please pay attention to deadlines for scholarships, as well as state and federal aid):

    • Apply for admission to PRCC
    • Take the National ACT or Accuplacer Test
    • Apply for state financial aid (including MTAG, HELP, MESG, etc.) at (Deadline: March 31 for HELP, September 15 for all other programs)
    • Complete the federal aid process, including the FAFSA and any required verification process
    • Apply for PRCC Foundation Scholarships through RiverGuide
    • Students must enroll full-time (15 hours) at Pearl River Community College for the fall semester immediately after graduating from high school or earning their high school equivalency certificate. December graduates are eligible to begin in the spring semester or the fall semester immediately following graduation.

    *Students entering the military upon graduating from high school will be excluded from this enrollment timeline requirement.

  4. Is there a deadline for CTAP?

    No, but students must complete the requirements for CTAP by adhering to all deadlines for scholarship and state/federal aid applications.

  5. How many semesters will CTAP provide funding for a student?

    CTAP will pay for up to four consecutive semesters at PRCC (summer excluded from this program).

  6. Do students have to pay back CTAP funds?

    No, students do not have to pay back CTAP funds.

  7. What costs and expenses does CTAP cover at PRCC?

    CTAP will only cover the cost of regular tuition for a maximum of four consecutive semesters. CTAP funds will be applied after all other sources of financial aid have been applied to a student’s account. Non-tuition related expenses such as fees, supplies, books, and room and board are not covered by CTAP.

  8. Is eligibility for CTAP determined by household income?

    No, eligibility for CTAP is not directly determined by household income. Eligibility for the funds are based on residence, completion of CTAP requirements, applied financial aid, and availability of funds.

  9. Can CTAP funds vary in amount from semester to semester or year to year?

    Yes, CTAP funds are contingent on program funding and the availability of amounts are subject to change.

  10. How will federal, state, scholarship aid, etc. be applied to a student’s account in coordination with CTAP?

    CTAP will cover the current cost of tuition per semester for up to a maximum of four consecutive semesters (excluding summer school). A student’s award will be based on other aid received. Federal, state, and institutional scholarship aid that is awarded to a student will be applied first. If the balance from these sources does not exceed the maximum amount allowed, then CTAP funds will be applied to the remaining tuition balance.  If students receive a total of $1,700.00 from Scholarships or Pell Grants, they will not be eligible for CTAP funds.

  11. Can students pursue any program or major while using the CTAP funds?

    Yes, students may pursue any degree or certificate program offered at PRCC.

  12. Do students have to provide proof of residency to receive CTAP funds?

    Yes, students may be asked to provide proof of residency in order to receive CTAP funds. Currently, students residing in Forrest County, Hancock County, and the City of Hattiesburg are eligible to receive CTAP funds.

  13. Is there a GPA or course hour requirement for CTAP?

    Yes, to continue to receive assistance under CTAP, those eligible must pass a minimum of 15 hours each semester with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Once a student has lost eligibility, it cannot be regained. Requirements are subject to change without advance notice.
    *GPA (Repeated courses previously passed may not count.)

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