Special Circumstances

The Department of Education allows Financial Aid Administrators to consider special circumstances that have occurred after the student/spouse and/or parent(s) have submitted an initial FAFSA for the school year. Since the FAFSA uses income from two years prior, many changes may have occurred to a family’s income in that timeframe.

The following are special circumstances that we can take into consideration and possibly recalculate your federal aid eligibility:

• Loss of employment
• Reduction of income
• Loss of untaxed income or benefit
• Recent separation or divorce
• Death of a spouse or parent
• Unusual medical/dental expenses paid out of pocket

Please note: if you have an Expected Family Contribution of zero (full Pell grant), you are not eligible to complete this request.

In addition, if you are currently on financial aid suspension, you are not eligible for federal financial aid. You are encouraged to submit a Financial Aid SAP Appeal to request reinstatement of your eligibility.

If you would like to submit a request for a special circumstances review, please submit the following form to our office, along with all of the required documentation outlined on the document.

Request for Special Circumstances Review – 2023-24 year

If you have questions regarding this process, please visit our office or contact us at finaid@prcc.edu.

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