Requesting to use VA Education Benefits at PRCC

Establishing a PRCC VA File
Any student, who wishes to utilize any VA-related services, must establish a file with the PRCC Office of Veteran Services.  The student must submit:

  1. Veteran Services Intake Form.
  2. Additional supporting documentation identified by the office that helps establish the student’s VA Education Benefit entitlement, i.e. COE (Certificate of Eligibility), VA Award Letter, copy of eBenefits page showing entitlement, etc.
  3. A copy of official transcripts from all previous institutions (even if VA Education Benefits were not used at the time of enrollment).
  4. The official transcript of military service, JST or CCAF, if the student is the Veteran or Service Member.
  5. DD Form 214 of the Veteran or Service Member, only as requested.
  6. Any other requested items.

Receiving Advisement and Establishing a Degree Plan
Students who utilize VA Education Benefits, Tuition Assistance, etc., must follow the degree plan of their specified major or academic objective. Students must meet with a PRCC Advisor in order to establish, and then maintain, this degree plan. A copy of this degree plan must be submitted to the PRCC Office of Veteran Services. If the student should choose to change majors, the VA requires additional forms to be completed. Those forms are available in the PRCC Office of Veterans Affairs and must be maintained in that office for audit purposes.

Requesting VA Enrollment Certification

For every term of enrollment at PRCC, any student who wishes to utilize VA Education Benefits, a Request for VA Certification form must be completed by the student, approved and signed by the PRCC Counselor/Advisor, and then returned to the Office of Veteran Services. Please be mindful. Read the form and all statements before submitting. Understand that the VA will not allow certification of Remedial/Developmental courses taken as an online course. Non-Standard terms of enrollment may affect your pay. Examples: 8-week courses, weekend courses, summer courses, programs participating in a block schedule or modified block schedule, etc. Additionally, courses that do not pertain to your major cannot be certified. The VA will not pay for a student to repeat a failed course unless the specific course is required for graduation or to advance to the next level of the program (for program-specific majors such as Nursing, etc.).

Notification of Changes in Enrollment

It is the student’s responsibility to inform the PRCC Office of Veteran Services whenever there is a change of enrollment.  It is then the school’s responsibility to notify the VA of the changes.  Therefore, if the student fails to notify the PRCC Office of Veteran Services of changes of enrollment, this may result in a greater amount of overpayment and debt.  The student may owe a debt to the VA and/or the school.

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