Accuplacer – Hancock Campus


The preferred test for placement at Pearl River Community College is the ACT Exam.

ACCUPLACER scores cannot be used in the place of ACT scores for admission into PRCC Nursing and Allied Health programs and certain university programs.

ACCUPLACER is an untimed, computerized test which PRCC utilizes to measure writing (English) and mathematics skills.  (Allow approximately 1-3 hours for testing.)
• Test scores are used to place students into courses based upon their skill level.
• Students are NOT allowed to bring a calculator to the test.  A pop-up calculator will be available for use during some of the mathematics questions.
• Test results are available immediately upon completion of testing.

• PRCC will not send Accuplacer scores to other institutions.
All Testing Center rules apply to all ACCUPLACER tests.

All examinees MUST present a valid photo ID in order to take the test.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Steps to take the ACCUPLACER test:
1. Submit a completed PRCC admission application to the admissions office. This will generate your PRCC ID number which is needed in order to test.
2. Make an appointment with the link at the bottom of this page.
3. Pay online by emailing or call a PRCC Business Office to inquire about payment options.  When communicating with a Business Office, provide your name, ID #, and sections of the Accuplacer test you need to take.  You may also report in person to a PRCC Business Office to register and pay the testing fee.
4. Report to testing location at least 15 minutes before your appointment time with a valid photo ID and receipt of payment.


Testing Locations:
Poplarville Campus – GHJ Library Testing Center – 601-403-1337 –
Forrest County Campus – Testing Center, Building 5 – 601-554-5474 –
Hancock Campus – Library or Testing Center – 228-252-7009 –

The following are not allowed in the testing area:
• Cell phones or other electronic devices that send or receive information
• Food or drink
• Backpacks or other personal belongings including outerwear and head gear.
• Children or friends (Only individuals testing will be allowed in the testing room while the test is being administered)

ACCUPLACER registration fee is $15 per test.

A student may retake the ACCUPLACER one time by paying the $15 fee per test again.  If a student wishes to retake the ACCUPLACER test a third time, he/she must wait at least 2 weeks to take the test.  During this time, a student should seek remediation in English and/or Mathematics to improve his/her score.  It is the student’s responsibility to seek remediation and is NOT the responsibility of Pearl River Community College.

Remediation Resources: 

  • PrepStep located on the Databases page of the PRCC Library website.                                                                       

Accuplacer Cheating Policy

First offense:  The student’s test will be locked and the student will be dismissed.  There will be no monetary refund.  The student will not receive scores.*

Second offense:  Same as first offense, but the student must wait at least 2 weeks to retest.*

*The student must pay for the test/tests each time a test is taken.

Make an Appointment

Directions to set an appointment with us:
1.  Click on the appointment link above.
2.  Choose Accuplacer from ‘Choose a group’.
3.  Choose Accuplacer from ‘Choose an exam’.
4.  Choose a Date.
5.  Choose a Time.
6.  Fill in ‘Tester Information’.
7. Click the box to agree to follow the guidelines.
8.  Fill in ‘Needed Information’.
9.  Click ‘Add to Cart’.
10. On the next page, click ‘Complete Registration’ or you will not be scheduled.

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.