Printing on Campus

Wepa print solution is a cloud-based system that will allow users to upload documents on-the-go and print them conveniently at any Wepa print station. Send documents from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Upload your document:

  • On any computer in the library, open your document, choose “file>print” and select your preferred Wepa printer.
  • Web Upload: Login here, select your documents and “send to Wepa”
  • Access your box, Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive account at any Wepa print station
  • Email to print: attach your document to an email, send to and use the provided Wepa code to print your document at any Wepa print station
  • Mobile App: download the “Wepa print” app and follow the instructions
  • USB drive: insert your USB drive at any Wepa print station


  • Insert your PRCC ID card
  • Select your document
  • Choose your payment method

Wepa kiosks are in the library on all 3 campuses and in the Allied Health Building at FCC.

  • Black & white prints/copies, front sided is .14 cents a page
  • Black & white prints/copies, front & back is .24 cents a page
  • Color prints/copies front sided are .74 cents a page
  • Color prints/copies, front & back copy is 1.14 cents a page.

For help and questions – call 601-403-1332
or contact