Court Reporting Technology

Program Information

Real-time reporters create word-for-word transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, or other events. Real-time reporters play a critical role in legal proceedings which require an exact record of what was said. They are responsible for producing a complete, accurate, and secure legal transcript of courtroom proceedings, witness testimonies, and depositions. Some real-time reporters, however, do not work in the legal setting or in courtrooms. These reporters primarily serve people who are deaf or hard of hearing by transcribing speech to text as the speech occurs.

Location of Program:

Hancock Campus &
Forrest County Campus (HyFlex)

Program Start:

Fall Semester

Program Instructor Contact Information:

Twila Jordan-Hoover

Your natural abilities

  • Concentration
  • Detail Oriented
  • Listening Skills
  • Writing Skills

Classroom knowledge

  • Transcript production with vocabulary and punctuation
  • Medical terminology
  • Prepares students for NCRA Skills Test

Graduation options

  • Career Certificate
  • Technical Certificate

Classes are held online Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at night from 6pm-8pm.
Every other Friday from 8am until 5pm in-person at the Forrest County Campus for first-year students.
Every other Saturday from 8am until 5pm in-person at the Forrest County Campus for second-year students

Certification speeds:
Q&A – 225 Words per Minute (WPM) 
Jury Charge – 200 WPM
Literary – 180 WPM

A real-time writing steno machine with a preview screen, as well as a computer, is required for our class. 

Computer Requirements (pdf)

Possible careers in this program:

Career options include, but are not limited to, Court Reporters and Simultaneous Captioners.

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