The Wildcat Way Show featuring sisters RonShea Moore & Ja'Nya Brown

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Not only are they members of The Wildcat Family, they are sisters from the same family as well. Check out this episode of The Wildcat Way Show featuring Pearl River Recruiter RonShea Moore and her sister Ja’Nya who is just starting her freshman year at The River. The Wildcat Way Show is a YouTube channel & podcast used to re-affirm our school’s mantra which encompasses The Wildcat Way of PRIDE, RESPECT, CLASS & CHARACTER while speaking on topics regarding current events and how this affects our entire Wildcat Family. We hope this show and podcast will serve as a way to share the uplifting, hardworking, and motivational aspect of our Wildcat community. If we are able to help just one person be the best version of themselves then we’ve done our part in making the world a better place. Be sure to follow The Wildcat Way Show on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @TheWildcatWayShow to get all of the latest content and subscribe to the YouTube channel and podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher & Amazon Music for all of the episodes! #thewildcatwayshow​ #prcc​ #twws​ #motivation​ #inspiration​ #positivity​ #uplifting​ #pride​ #respect​ #class​ #character​ #hearourroar

The Wildcat Way Show featuring sisters RonShea Moore & Ja’Nya Brown