Refund Policy and Withdrawal

Institutional Refund Policy

Students who officially withdraw or cut-out of all classes during a semester will have their financial accounts reviewed to determine if adjustments to institutional fees should be made. The institutional refund policy is applied to all students, without regard to academic classification or eligibility of Title IV student assistance.

Appeals for refunds due to extenuating circumstances may be made in writing to the Business Manager, Pearl River Community College, P.O. Box 5060, 101 Highway 11 North, Poplarville, MS 39470. Any refund will be mailed to the student at the address of his/her record on file with the Office of Admissions. The refund policy for PRCC is described on the chart below.

Tuition Percentage Refund

 Fall & SpringSummer
1st Week100%100%
End of 2nd Week75%50%
End of 3rd Week50%0
End of 4th Week25%0

*No refunds after the 4th week

Room and Board Percentage Refund

Fall & Spring (Withdrawn By)Percentage Refund
Before Classes Begin100%
1st Week75%
2nd Week50%
3rd & 4th Week25%
After 4th Week0

*No refunds after 4th week

**No room and board refunds are issued during the summer semester

Withdrawal From Pear River Community College

Official Withdrawal

Students who choose to withdraw from Pearl River Community College (PRCC) prior to the end of an enrollment period (semester) should follow the college’s guidelines for withdrawing from school. A Withdrawal Form must be completed and submitted before a student can be considered officially withdrawn. Information concerning the details of withdrawal procedures can be found in the College Catalog or by contacting the Office of Student Success (Crosby Hall, Poplarville Campus) at (601) 403-1250.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Federal student aid recipients who begin attending classes during a semester and who cease attending or performing academic activities prior to the end of the semester, and never complete a Withdrawal Form are considered by the federal government to be an Unofficial Withdrawal. They may also be considered an Unofficial Withdrawal when he/she fails to earn a passing grade in at least one course during the semester. In the case of a student earning no passing grades (e.g., all “F” grades or a mixture of “F”/”W” grades), the Office of Financial Aid must assume the student is an unofficial withdrawal unless the student/instructor can document attendance and academic activity.

Students who are considering withdrawing from all classes should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine how a change in enrollment status will affect their aid eligibility. Because financial aid funds are paid based on a student’s attendance, any change in status may require a student to repay federal financial aid funds already received. The College understands that unforeseen events may occur in students’ lives that result in a student’s withdrawal from school. Due to these situations, it is very important that students understand this policy and follow the appropriate steps to withdraw when necessary. Withdrawals may also impact a student’s future eligibility for federal financial aid funds regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

If a student did not receive any federal student aid but did receive other types of aid funds, and subsequently officially withdraws, refunds and repayments will be based upon the college’s refund schedule which can be found in the college catalog.

Return of Title IV (Federal) Funds Policy

Pearl River Community College (PRCC) is required to return federal financial aid funds for students who are withdrawn from all courses for which they have received or are eligible to receive federal financial aid. This action is governed by the U.S. Department of Education’s policy for Return of Title IV Funds.

If a student completely withdraws from all classes, repayment of a percentage of the federal financial aid received to the U.S. Department of Education may be required. Once all classes have been dropped, the college is required to calculate the aid received and the number of days enrolled to determine if a student will be required to repay federal financial aid funds. A portion of federal financial aid may be owed to both PRCC and to the U.S. Department of Education.

Title IV funds are awarded to students under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period of enrollment. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds that he/she received. The amount of federal financial aid a student has earned for the enrollment period is based on the length of time the student remains enrolled for that period. Therefore, the percentage of the enrollment period completed is also the percentage of aid the student has earned. For students enrolled in modules (parts of term), no R2T4 freeze date will be used.

The Unearned Amount of Title IV federal aid due by the school and the student are charged back to the student’s account and returned to the applicable Title IV financial aid programs in the following order:
Direct Unsubsidized Loan
Direct Subsidized Loan
Direct PLUS Loan
Pell Grants
Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grants
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

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