PHS students learn film production at PRCC

  POPLARVILLE – The Pearl River Community College Film Production class recently hosted the Poplarville High School Digital Media class for a film production workshop.
  The class spent the first part of the day learning how to set up and operate a digital camera, how to light a set and how to record sound for a scene from a short film they shot during the second half of the day.
  “The class was a very eager group, ready to learn all they could about film production,” said Ronn Hague, PRCC film production instructor. “They worked in all the roles of a film crew, from assistant director to grips … they did it all. We trained them for the first two hours and after that, we turned them loose on the set. They just got it and ran with it.”
  PHS digital media instructor Donna Baxter has brought her class to PRCC for three years.
  “Mr. Hague’s workshop is the single most anticipated day of instruction for me every year,” she said. “The students learn as much in a day at the sound stage as they can learn in two weeks of structured class time, and many of the them leave there with a new-found passion for careers in the film industry that they didn’t even know existed.
  “It’s proof of the importance of field trips even if the students must miss a day of regular classes to attend.”
  The day was very informative, said student Eadie Keenan.
  “It provided us with a great first experience in film production,” said  Eadie Keenan.
  Triston Lee learned a lot and had fun at the same time, he said.
  “I want to do this for a living,” said Taylor Davis.
  The class of 20 is the largest group of PHS students to spend the day on campus, Hague said.

Poplarville High School digital media students who trained for a day at Pearl River Community College are, front row from left, Rylee Nukem, Keegan Swain, Hope Necaise, Eadie Keenan, Elizabeth Burge, Katilyn Mason, Ashley Jordan; second row, PRCC film production instructor Ronn Hague, Marissa Diamond, Daniel Knoll, Taylor Davis, Triston Lee, Dominic Shubert, and DeAnna Bullen; third row, Peyton Whitten, Dylan Rosenbaum, Josh Davis, Autumn Terry, Marcus Holt, Chandler Jordan, and Cody Hickman. 

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