Nursing students receive pins, join honor society

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  POPLARVILLE – Graduates of the Pearl River Community College associate degree nursing program received diplomas and pins during a ceremony on Thursday, May 11, at the Brownstone Center in Poplarville.
  They are now eligible to take the state licensing exam to become registered nurses.
  PRCC President Dr. William Lewis congratulated the graduates on their two years of study.
  “There’s lots of challenges from the very beginning,” he said. “The first challenge is getting in. Only the best of the best get in. The second challenge is making it through.”
  The challenges prepared them to make significant impacts on the communities where they will work, he said.
  “I want you to be prepared,” Lewis said. “I want you to be prepared to take care of me and all these folks out here.”
  At a separate ceremony Thursday, five graduates were inducted into PRCC’s  Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Nu honor society. They are Ashlynn Carr and Haley Dickens, both of Sumrall, Bridgette Dedeaux of Kiln, Katie Dufrene and Krystle Miller, both of Picayune.   
  Carr is also the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship from the Mississippi Nurses Foundation. Other awards to the 2017 Class included Academic Excellence to Miller, the Nightingale Award to Christine Lanier of Lumberton and the PRCC Wildcat Nurse Award to Arthur Mitchell Sr. of Purvis.
  Nine of the graduates received their pins from family members who also graduated from PRCC’s AND program:
  •Carr was pinned by her mother, Melissa Lott, a 1994 graduate
  •Thomas Camron Clark of Lumberton by his step-mother, Susan Clark, 1992.
  •Maggie Dossett of Poplarville by her mother, Kim Varnado, 1993.
  •Hannah Herndon of Poplarville by her cousin, Rebecca Griffin, 2008.
  •Nikki Hollier of Poplarville by her step-mother, Rhonda Williams, 1985.
  •Kelsey Lacoste of Carriere by her cousin, Kathryn Smith, 2014.
  •Kimberly Mitchell of Carriere by her aunt, Vickie Graham, 1994.
  •Tiffany Quinn of Hattiesburg by her husband, Keith Magee, 2007.
  •Dakota Youngblood of Lumberton by his cousin, Amanda Dill, 2010.
  Other graduates are Kimberly Como, Kourtnei Jones-Dumas, Keiara Williams-Holloway, Caseanna White and Brennon Windham, all of Hattiesburg; Amanda Allen, Tiffany Ford, Caleb Lott and Brianna Poole, all of Poplarville; Melissa Brown, Brittney Dean, Julie Lee and Jennifer Rancatore, all of Carriere; Brittany Franklin and Wesley Johnson both of Purvis; Ashely Martin, Maria Taylor and Crystal Turnage, all of Columbia; Jocelyn Aguilar and Alisha Olive, both of Picayune; Cynthia Childers and Megan Cunningham, both of Covington, La.; Ryleigh Collins and Whitney-Anne McCabe, both of Slidell, La.; Rachel Lichtenstein of Kiln; Raylynn Mooney of Wiggins, Shawan Polk of Foxworth and Shay Sattler of Rives Junction, MI.

Graduates of the Pearl River Community College associate degree nursing program were inducted into the Beta Mu chapter of Alpha Delta Nu nursing honor society on Thursday, May 11, at Malone Chapel. They are, from left, Katie Dufrene and Krystle Miller, both of Picayune; Haley Dickens of Sumrall, Bridgett Dedeaux of Kiln and Ashlyn Carr of Sumrall.
PRCC Public Relations photo

Graduates of the Pearl River Community College associate degree nursing program are, first row from left, Jocelyn Aguilar of Picayune, Amanda Allen of Poplarville, Melissa Brown of Carriere, Ashlyn Carr of Sumrall, Cynthia Childers of Covington, La., Thomas Clark of Lumberton, Ryleigh Collins of Slidell, La., Kelsey Lacoste of Carriere, Megan Cunningham of Covington, La, Brittney Dean of Carriere, Bridgette Dedeaux of Kiln, Haley Dickens of Sumrall, Maggie Dossett of Poplarville; second row, Katie Dufrene of Picayune, Tiffany Ford of Poplarville, Brittany Franklin of Purvis, Hannah Herndon and Nikki Hollier, both of Poplarville; Keiara Williams-Holloway of Hattiesburg, Wesley Johnson of Purvis, Kourtnei Jones-Dumas and Kimberly Como, both of Hattiesburg, Christine Lanier of Lumberton, Julie Lee of Carriere, Rachel Lichetenstein of Kiln, Caleb Lott of Poplarville; third row, Whitney-Anne McCabe of Slidell, La.; Krystle Miller of Picayune, Arthur Mitchell Sr. of Purvis, Kimberly Mitchell of Carriere, Raylynn Mooney of Wiggins, Alisha Olive of Picayune, Shawan Polk of Foxworth, Brianna Poole of Poplarville, Tiffany Quinn of Hattiesburg, Jennifer Rancatore of Carriere, Shay Sattler of Rives Junction, Mich., Maria Taylor and Crystal Turnage, both of Columbia; Caseanna White and Brennon Windham, both of Hattiesburg, and Dakota Youngblood of Lumberton.
PRCC Public Relations photo