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STEP 1: Did you speak to an advisor?

Yes. Proceed to Step 2.

No. It is very important that you meet with an advisor before registering for online courses. If you have been assigned an advisor, please contact your advisor for an appointment. If you don’t have an advisor, please contact the Counseling Center on either the Poplarville Campus (601.403.1250) or Forrest County Campus (601.554.5493).

STEP 2: Request Course(s)

View this video for detailed instructions about how to register for online classes.

Registration Image

STEP 3: Allow 48 business hours to process your request

After you have requested your online course(s), please allow our office 48 business hours to process your request. If issues arise, our office will notify you by email.

STEP 4: Check Student Profile

Verify that your request has been complete by checking your Student Profile. You will use the registration information to log into your profile. Your profile will say "Verified" or "Non-Verified" (see the example below). Your request is complete when your profile says "Verified".

verified image

If issues arise, our office will notify you by email. If you have a "hold", please visit our Registration Questions page for more information.

STEP 5: Purchase your Textbook

After you have verified that your registration is complete, you are ready to purchase your textbook(s).


Note: There is no refund once a student has completed at least one assignment/activity in the class. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Student Account, contact Laura Chisolm in the Business Office at