The Wildcat Way Show Ep.4 "Mental Health & Mindfulness"

In this episode of The Wildcat Way Show Kari Eve & Kendale open up about how they’re dealing a serious condition many people are struggling with during this world-wide pandemic. Throughout the episode titled “Mental Health & Mindfulness” the hosts share how they support their mental health and work to stay mindful of their lives.

The Wildcat Way Show with Kari Eve & Kendale is a YouTube channel & iTunes podcast used to re-affirm our school’s mantra which encompasses The Wildcat Way of PRIDE, RESPECT, CLASS & CHARACTER while speaking on topics regarding current events and how this affects our entire Wildcat Family. We hope this show and podcast will serve as a way to share the uplifting, hardworking, and motivational aspect of our Wildcat community. If we are able to help just one person be the best version of themselves then we’ve done our part in making the world a better place. Be sure to follow The Wildcat Way Show on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @TheWildcatWayShow and subscribe to the YouTube channel and iTunes podcast of The Wildcat Way Show to get all of the latest content! #thewildcatwayshow #prcc #twws #motivation #inspiration #uplifting #pride #respect #class #character #hearourroar

PODCAST- The Wildcat Way Show Ep.4 “Mental Health & Mindfulness”

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