The Wildcat Way Show Ep.2 "Tough Talks"

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In this episode of The Wildcat Way Show Kari Eve & Kendale offer advice and guidance on how to delve into “tough talks”. From relationships to friendships, family members,to co-workers, everyone has had to have a difficult discussion and we talk about the best ways to do so.

The Wildcat Way Show with Kari Eve & Kendale is a YouTube channel & Podcast used to re-affirm our school’s mantra which encompasses The Wildcat Way of PRIDE, RESPECT, CLASS & CHARACTER while speaking on topics regarding current events and how this affects our entire Wildcat Family. We hope this show and podcast will serve as a way to share the uplifting, hardworking, and motivational aspect of our Wildcat community. Be sure to follow The Wildcat Way Show on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @TheWildcatWayShow and subscribe to the YouTube channel The Wildcat Way Show to get all of the latest content! #thewildcatwayshow #prcc #twws #motivation #inspiration #uplifting #pride #respect #class #character #hearourroar

PODCAST- The Wildcat Way Show Ep.2 “Tough Talks”