Student Nurse Association Fundraiser

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The student nurse association is conducting a fundraiser for the Pink Hearts, an organization that gives free wigs to children and women with cancer.  This organization also provides transportation for cancer patients who need rides to their doctor appointments, and are located in Gulfport. The students are selling raffle tickets for $5.00 each for a “pink heart” quilt.  The quilt was donated by the Jubilee Quilt Guild located here, in Poplarville.   The quilt is unique: each square was completed by a member of their Guild.  One of the squares, with an angel, was completed by a lady who subsequently died with cancer.  Another square was completed by a lady who was diagnosed with cancer while she was making the square! All proceeds will go to the Pink Hearts. If you are interested in a raffle ticket, please contact Marilyn Dillard, Ella Mae Penton, at  601-403-1070, or Amy Esslinger at 601-403-1083.  Students will come to you with the raffle tickets!

Pink Hearts Quilt