Ropes and obstacle course opens

  POPLARVILLE – Pearl River Community College officially opened its Wildcat Wellness Ropes and Obstacle Course on Friday, Aug. 26.
  The course will be used by students in the First Year Seminar courses along with campus organizations and community groups, said Dr. Tara Rouse, Wellness Center director.
  The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation awarded PRCC a grant of $198,171 in September 2015 for the Wildcat Wellness Initiative. Of that, $25,000 was used for the ropes course and $10,300 for the obstacle course.
  “I guarantee students will take a lot out of this that they’ve never experienced,” said Dr. Adam Breerwood, vice president for the Poplarville campus and Hancock Center. “This is better than I expected.”
  The ropes course stations require communication and teamwork to be conquered.
  “Each element has its secrets to making it work,” said Police Chief Doug Rowell, who built most of the course along with utility lineman instructor Randy Henry.
  Both are among the 12 faculty and staff members trained as instructors for the course.
  The course will aid in teaching freshmen the concept of GRIT – growth mindset, resilience, instinct and tenacity, said Lisa Palchak, First Year Seminar coordinator.
  “The activity we’ve chosen is going to frustrate them,” she said. “They’re probably going to have to start over a few times. We’re trying to communicate that in school they’ll probably hit some bumps along the way and have to be resilient.”
  First Year Seminar instructors are to begin using the course Monday, Aug. 29.
  The Wellness Center also was to sponsor the Wildcat Initiative Obstacle Course Run after classes on Monday. Among the community groups registered to participate were the Poplarville Fire Department, Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team and the Mississippi Mud Pirates running organization.
  For more information about the course and its use, contact Rouse at 601 403-1342.

Jamie Dixon and Dr. Adam Breerwood try to change places without falling off the log during the opening Friday, Aug. 26, of the PRCC Ropes Course. Others trying the exercise are Megan Moger, from left, Dr. Ed Pinero, Lynn Grubbs and Fred Torrence.
PRCC Public Relations photo

Police Chief Doug Rowell demonstrates the Mohawk Walk at the PRCC Ropes Course.
PRCC Public Relations photo

Dr. Adam Breerwood, vice president for the Poplarville campus and the Hancock Center, cuts the ribbon to officially open the Pearl River Community College Ropes Course on Friday, Aug. 26. Participating in the ceremony are, from left, cheerleader coach Megan Moger, Dr. Ed Pinero, career techical education director; volunteer Jack Grubbs of Poplarville, Maghan James, dean of students; volunteer Lynn Grubbs of Poplarville, Jamie Dixon, Wellness Center assistant director; Randy Henry, utlility lineman instructor; Dr. Tara Rouse, Wellness Center director; Police Chief Doug Rowell and Ernie Lovell, Development Foundation director.
PRCC Public Relations photo

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