Health Services

We provide quality services to students, staff, and faculty that empower individuals to be well-informed and self-directed participants in their own health. We believe academic goals can be reached more efficiently and with fewer obstacles when you know the value of a healthy lifestyle and have the tools necessary to stay healthy.  

Health Services is a nurse-directed service staffed by a licensed registered nurse located on the Poplarville campus. We provide many services; however, we are not a clinic. We are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through nursing care and wellness counseling. We do not diagnose, and we do not have prescriptive authority. Appointments are not required for services.  

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies, 
  • Assessment of illness and injury,  
  • Acute minor illness care, 
  • Acute injuries and first aid care, 
  • Nutritional counseling, 
  • *Referral and appointment assistance to appropriate health care providers (physicians, specialists, dentists, etc. at the student’s expense).  
  • Referrals to mental health providers, 
  • Wellness programs and events throughout the year (Ex. Immunization clinics).  
  • Tobacco cessation counseling, 
  • Blood Pressure, Weight, Heart Rate screenings, 
  • Emergency sanitary supplies for female students. 
  • Health education materials and resources.  
  • Pregnancy prevention counseling. 
  • Drug testing.  

Students/staff requiring more extensive treatment and medical care will be referred to the appropriate facility such as urgent care, emergency room or their own health care provider. Students/staff will be responsible for the cost of off-campus services. If the Health Services office is closed, students needing emergency medical attention should contact 911 or campus police at (601) 403-1300 

Poplarville Campus – Health Services Office

The health services office, located in Crosby Hall, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact: Susie Hall, Registered Nurse- (601) 403-1303 or


There is no charge for services for students currently enrolled at Pearl River Community College. All over-the-counter medications, first aid supplies, and other health related items and services are provided at no cost.  

Class Excuses

Class attendance policies are determined by the policies/procedures of the institution. Excuses for absences from class are not provided by Health Services. When a minor illness occurs, that causes absence from class, it is the student’s responsibility to notify instructors of the reason for the absence. Extended illness, hospitalization, or family emergencies should be reported to the Assistant Vice President of Student Services.  


When you visit Health Services, you have the right to privacy, confidentiality, and to be treated with respect. All treatment is confidential. We do not maintain medical records, nor do we release information outside of Pearl River Community College without your permission, except information necessary for public welfare/safety such as communicable disease, or as required, in our judgment, to protect you or others from immediate physical danger. We can only discuss student issues with parents of students 18 years of age and older with written permission/FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).  

Local Healthcare Providers

The Poplarville Clinic – Hattiesburg Clinic 
1407 S Main St, Poplarville, MS 39470 
(601) 795-0659

  • Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • AFTER HOURS: Monday – Friday 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Sunday 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Pearl River Family Clinic 
302 US-11, Poplarville, MS 39470 
(601) 403-8284 

  • Monday – Friday 8 a.m. –5 p.m. 

Lumberton Family Health Center 
Southeast MS Rural Health
598 West 11 th Ave. Lumberton, MS 39455  

  • Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Walk-Ins Welcome – Discounts for those who qualify 

Picayune Family Health Center – Southeast MS Rural Health 
1911 Read Road, Picayune, MS 39466 

  • Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Walk-Ins Welcome – Discounts for those who qualify 


Pearl River County Hospital and Nursing Home 
305 W. Moody Street, Poplarville, MS 39470 

Highland Community Hospital 
130 Highland Parkway 
Picayune, MS 39466 

Forrest General Hospital 
6051 US 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 
(601) 288-7000 
Open 24 hours 

Mental Health Services

Immunization Requirements

Pearl River Community College has adopted a student housing requirement regarding immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella for all residence hall students. Learn more here

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.