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Caitlyn Land, Young Published Author

Poplarville – One of Pearl River Community College’s new freshman, Caitlyn Land, of Hattiesburg, comes to the college with 3 book publications under her belt. 

As entering freshman, many students are beginning their English courses trying to learn and understand the importance of the written word and how to create clear content of their own. Caitlyn Land may have an upper hand on most.

Even before she could write Land was drawing pictures of stories told through her imagination.  Her interest in writing was first born from a frustration, at a very young age, of not being able to fully articulate these wild stories and thoughts through her illustrations. Throughout her adolescence, she filled notebook after notebook with creative content. By age 12, Land had written 3 full manuscripts. As her writing skills progressed she decided that she had something in one of those notebooks that she wanted to share with the world. At the age of 13 Land’s first book The Whispers of Wandering Souls -Book One- The Asylum Escapade was published on Amazon. Late the next year the second addition to that series The Whispers of Wandering Souls Book 2: Running Away was added to the list of her accolades. Land originally planned on making this series a trilogy but every time she attempted to write the third and final book it never felt just right. For now, she is moving on to other projects but still holding out hope that one day she will have the inspiration to finish the series. On March 16, 2017, Land published her third and most recent publication, a stand-alone book titled Blood Drawn.

Land is heavily influenced by horror author, Stephen King, as she has read many of his novels. Land says, while she would not actually attempt many of the activities that are played out in her storylines, she does draw on some first-hand experiences to make the narratives more rich and effective. She is currently majoring in English Education and plans to become a full-time language arts instructor as well as continue in her writing career. Her goal is to be a teacher that inspires students just like her instructors did for her. She feels her success in publishing at such a young age can be an example for young learners to understand that dreams are possible sooner rather than later.  

“I want to change student’s lives like some of the teachers I’ve had have changed my life. I want to give back in that way,” says Land. 

Land encourages any students interested in getting published to just reach out to smaller publishers and self-publishing sources like Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t picked up right away. 

She also hopes other students understand the importance of sharing a good story and hope that all of those that read her content get transported to another place even if just for a little while. 

Land is currently working on a few other stories but is primarily developing one main narrative. She has not currently set any writing deadlines for herself because she plans to focus on school and let the writing happen as she has time. She is looking forward to potentially being able to take a few of the creative writing courses offered at PRCC to learn more about developing her stories and characters. Land is optimistic about her goals and the endeavors she will pursue while at Pearl River. PRCC welcomes Land and encourages all young writers to forever be learners and creators. 

PRCC Marketing and Communications photo/ Article by: Alexx Kennedy, Communications Specialist 

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