PRCC Foundation hosts annual Scholarship Donor Recognition Dinner

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November 11, 2022

The Olivia Bender Cafeteria saw a convergence of donors and students on November 7 at the annual Donor Dinner hosted by the PRCC Alumni Association and Development Foundation. The dinner serves to both thank donors and connect them with many of the students who received scholarships through the Foundation. 

Students and donors eating dinner while Delana Harris speaks from a podium.
Delana Harris addresses attendees of the annual Scholarship Donor Recognition Dinner.

Attendees were provided with highlights of PRCC including the college’s continued growth and standing of being the fourth-largest community college in the state with record enrollment.  They also were treated to a performance by The Voices, an elite performing group of PRCC Students. 

The ability to afford tuition can seem like an insurmountable hurdle for some students. Through the generosity of donors to the Foundation, the creation and sustainment of scholarships can help remove financial obstacles making obtaining an education possible.  

“Please know how grateful we are for your contributions to the lives of our students,” PRCC President, Dr. Adam Breerwood said. “We are humbled, honored and grateful for our continued growth and successes. We are in the business of changing lives and we could not do it without you.” 

Executive Director of Development Foundation/Alumni Association Delana Harris shared the importance of the scholarships along with the work the Foundation does for the college. Donors and scholarship representatives have contributed to over 200 scholarships and provide over half a million dollars in funding support to PRCC students each year. 

“PRCC continues its history of excellence by providing educational opportunities while also creating a first-class student experience. The PRCC of today would not be possible without the support from our alumni and community partners. 

“Scholarship programing plays a vital role in the college’s ability to recruit the best students from our surrounding areas. But more importantly, scholarships encourage student retention and help to ensure that students graduate.” 

Donors at the dinner appreciated the opportunity to meet some of the students impacted by their generosity. This was true for PRCC alumnus Allen Anderson of Anderson Design Center. 

“I never miss the Scholarship Dinner because it lets me see firsthand the quality of students enrolled at PRCC,” said Anderson. “I enjoy fellowshipping with the students and other donors as it helps me keep what I am doing real. Real students with real needs make it worthwhile.” 

Students who attended could meet the donors and thank them. 

Small group of students attending the annual dinner.

“I really enjoyed the dinner,” said Triston Hickman who received the L.A. Hurst, Jr. Endowed Scholarship. “It was nice to get the opportunity to meet and fellowship with my donor. I am very thankful for the scholarship opportunity, and I am glad I got to thank my donor in person.” 

Students in this group have earned a scholarship that represents a specific pathway, major, competitive GPA requirement and excellence in the classroom. 

Jordan Aaron – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Nate Anderson – Coach Alvin Doyle & Coach Brookie Hayden Scholarship  
Lana Bagley – Hollis & Elaine Byrd Mathematics Education Scholarship  
Auiana Baker – Peggy Dease Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Christian Bates – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Jordan Belsome – Leo W. Seal, Jr. Memorial Scholarship  
Kaitlin Bennett – Smith-Carver Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship  
Audrey Bolin – Ray Patten Memorial Scholarship  
Demarrio Booth – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Alex Bordelon –   Louis & Catherine Ladner Auto Mechanics Scholarship  
Caleb Bourne – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Madelynn Bowley – Zoe McGovern Griffing Teacher’s Scholarship  
Valerie Bowling – Virginia Mauldin Lowe Memorial Scholarship  
Jaycee Bridgers –   Dr. Becky Askew Scholarship for Medical Students  
Olivia Broom – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Mollie Brown –  Poplarville Eye Clinic Scholarship  
Jessica Burns –  Charlotte Odom Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Thomas Bush – Harry Cole (Memorial) Machine Shop Scholarship  
Krystal Chailland – Dr. & Mrs. John W. Askew Jr. Dental Hygiene Scholarship  
Kate Chandler – American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of MS Steel Magnolias  
Abraham Contreras – Robert A. McArthur, Sr. Memorial Scholarship  
Bailey Craft – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Logan Cuevas – Joe M. Clearman Nursing Scholarship  
Bryn Daughtery – Earlora Holden Christian Athlete Scholarship  
Dalton Davis – Rotary Club of Poplarville Scholarship  
Yvette Dean – Mississippi Power Heritage Scholarship  
Jeremy DeJean – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Cortez Dennis – Dickey’s BBQ Pit Scholarship  
Lauren Dewease – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Allie Dossett – Charlotte Odom Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Matthew Dudenhefer – Anderson Paint & Carpet One Construction & Design Scholarship  
William Fennell – Leo W. Seal, Jr. Memorial Scholarship  
Dewayne Frison – Kohler Ready to Work Scholarship  
Mackenzie Galbraith – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Allison Glasscock – Arthur Moore & Jessie Mae Smith Gandy Scholarship  
John Goodwin – Making the Difference Scholarship  
Mitchell Greer – Harry Cole (Memorial) Machine Shop Scholarship  
Javien Griffith – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Anna Groves – Estep Academic Scholarship Brandon  
Gwin Herzog – CPA Company Accounting Scholarship  
Jordyn Hall – Diane & Daphne Tate Memorial Scholarship  
Shameka Hamilton – Knight Practical Nursing Scholarship  
Jake Harrington – Ronald T. Barr Memorial Scholarship  
Jacob Hodgins – Dr. Ted J. Alexander Endowed Leadership Scholarship  
Kadience Houston – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Micayla Jefferson – Allen-Howse Scholarship  
Alexis Johnson – Peggy Dease Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Kayde Ladne – r Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Madison Lang – Margaret Fairley Rogers Memorial Nursing Scholarship  
Chloe LeBlanc – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Brianna Lee – Grant Family Scholarship  
Dalton Lee – Henry “Rudy” & Carolyn Smith Thomas Memorial Scholarship  
Brianna Lee – Jack Sidney Wilkinson Fellowship Scholarship  
Kobe Lee – Rotary Club of Hattiesburg  
Katherine LeMay – Making the Difference Scholarship  
Emma Lenoir – Herb & Cheryl Frierson Family Scholarship  
Aidan Levy – Dr. Thomas J. & Patricia Malone Honors Institute Scholarship  
Dylan Lowe – Kohler Ready to Work Scholarship  
Marleigh Mangum – Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Hill Dental Hygiene Scholarship  
Jenna Mark – Peggy Dease Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Jaylen Martin – Ellucian Technology Management Scholarship  
Adrienne McCalpin – Charlotte Odom Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship  
Alexander Mercer – Max R. Pierce Automotive VoTech Scholarship  
Morgan Miller – Jack Sidney Wilkinson Fellowship Scholarship  
Sam Miller – The Asbury Foundation Scholarship  
Samuel Mitchell – Weathers Career-Tech Scholarship  
Robert Monk – Cary & Ann Williams Scholarship  
Edwin Montes – Walter McCann Instrumentation/ Electronics Scholarship  
Jenna Morrison – Erlene McCarty Smith Scholarship  
Raven Newell – Hugh & Juanita White Nursing Scholarship  
Celeste Nuccio – Diane & Daphne Tate Memorial Scholarship  
Alex Perry – Dickey’s BBQ Pit Scholarship  
Rykera Peters – The Asbury Foundation Scholarship  
Natasha Pierson – Hugh & Juanita White Nursing Scholarship  
Lillian Pope – Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Hill Dental Hygiene Scholarship  
Reese Pruitt – Mississippi Power Heritage Scholarship  
Isaiah Ramsey – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Payton Rayborn – James & Jacquelyn Ginn Memorial Scholarship  
Olivia Reid – Rotary Club of Poplarville Scholarship  
Seth Relayson – Pearl River County Homebuilders Scholarship  
Madison Riley – Parish Tractor Scholarship  
Kenya Robinson – Craig Griffing Nursing Scholarship  
Shanya Rogers – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Anna Rowell – Raymond & Annelle Saucier Scholarship  
Faith Russell – Helen Moody Beech Memorial Cosmetology Scholarship  
Kayla Skinner – Pamela M. McGill Memorial Scholarship  
Harrison Slade – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Brannon Smith – David R. Smith Endowed Scholarship  
Ryan Sorrells – Virginia A. Magee (Memorial) Nursing Scholarship  
Abreonna Taylor – The Asbury Foundation Scholarship  
Carshell Thompson – Mississippi Power Heritage Scholarship  
Kara Walden – Betty Lou Courtney Hudson Memorial Scholarship  
Erin Walters – Estep Academic Scholarship  
Jennifer Watts – Jessica Victoria House Memorial Scholarship  
Evan Windham – Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District Scholarship  
Eryrol Yarborough – Mississippi Power Heritage Scholarship 

These students participate in an average of two extracurricular activities and have membership in clubs and organizations while still maintaining excellent academic standards. They are true representatives of the Wildcat Way.   

Elizjah Abram – Marion/Jefferson Davis County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Marianna Acosta – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
James Archiable – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Destiny Askew – Verlene Cole Forrest/Lamar County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Ethan Aultman – Verlene Cole Scholarship  
Christian Bates – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Kaleb Billiot – Mae Moody Galmiche Memorial Scholarship  
Kristal Blye – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Jaden Bolling – Verlene Cole Forrest/Lamar County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Caydence Bond – Picayune Lions Club Scholarship  
Bethany Boyd – Coach John & Miriam Russell Scholarship  
Constantine Brackman – Duane Raanes Family Scholarship  
Mary Bosarge – Lucien & Connie K. Bourgeois Scholarship  
Brooke Breaux – Angelina Barbieri Navoy Memorial Scholarship  
Ayden Breaux – Poplarville First United Methodist Etheridge Memorial Scholarship  
Madeline Browning – Annelle Steele Memorial Scholarship  
Miriam Burkhamer – John C. Harden Scholarship  
Jessica Burns – Verlene Cole Forrest/Lamar County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Grant Byrd – Michael Sprinkell Memorial Band Scholarship  
Cassidy Cartwright – J.S. & Kathryn Moody Scholarship  
Brandi Cathcart – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Christopher Comeaux – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship 
Destiny Cooley – Dewey W. & Quay Webb Camp Scholarship  
Nyla Covington – Be the Change Scholarship  
Maddie Cuevas – Cayce Seal Memorial Scholarship  
Joshua Daniels – Dr. Wes & Dora Mae Estey Eagle Scout Scholarship  
Cara Davis – Donald K. Robbins Memorial Scholarship  
Fisher DeCamp – Cayce Seal Memorial Scholarship  
Jared Dickens – Picayune Kiwanis Scholarship  
Tyler Dungan – Francis & Joyce Herrin Scholarship & Marion/Jefferson Davis County Alumni Assoc. Scholarship  
Caleia Eatman – Verlene Cole Forrest/Lamar County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Ryder Evans – John Clearman-Baptist Student Union Scholarship  
Joshua Fairley – Warren & Virginia Rawls Holden Memorial Scholarship  
McKenzie Favre – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Victoria Fischer – Monica Lisa Alexander Memorial Scholarship  
Cody Flynt – Jack & Nancy Regan Scholarship  
Joseph Forsman – Dr. Kyle Hill Band Scholarship  
Ladd Gex – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Lane Gex – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Sierra Ginn – Alma Stringer Polk Memorial Scholarship  
Deedwin Hawthorn – Naomi Kendrick Memorial Scholarship  
Triston Hickman – L.A. Hurst, Jr. Endowed Scholarship  
Emily Hill – Norman Rouse Memorial Scholarship  
Alexandria Hollingsworth – John Houston Family Scholarship  
Avery Holmes – Amber Owens Sumrall Memorial Softball Scholarship  
Omarion Husband – Blake Broom Scholarship  
Kentrell Jackson – Keith Daniels Memorial Scholarship  
Cierra Johnson – Classes of 1939–1942 Scholarship  
Hunter Kahl – Ball Family Scholarship  
Joelisa Kelly – Katrina Overall McDonald Memorial Scholarship  
Chelsea Kiley – James Horris & Minnie Rae Pigott Scholarship & St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Hunter Ladner – Coast Electric Power Association Scholarship  
Makenna Ladner – Lucy Prince Seal Memorial Scholarship  
Laurne Anne Lagasse – Katrina Overall McDonald Memorial Scholarship  
Dominick LaMartina – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Carson Lewelling – Coach Douglas Manton Memorial Scholarship  
Emily Loftin – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Canaan Logan – Pearl River County Alumni Chapter Scholarship  
Katelyn Mclain – Katrina Overall McDonald Memorial Scholarship  
Breleigh Miller – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Alexia Morgan – Jack & Nancy Regan Scholarship  
Jordyne Morris – Ronald P. Tynes “A Hand Up” Scholarship  
Meghan Morrow – William “Dub” Herring Scholarship  
Emily Moucheron – Francis & Joyce Herrin Scholarship  
Haley Myers – Vernon Broome Memorial Scholarship  
Luke Oldmixon – Pearl River County Alumni Chapter Scholarship  
Riley Passman – Bobby Cochran Memorial Scholarship & Boston Comeaux Memorial Scholarship  
Landen Payne – Arthur B. Nicholson Memorial Scholarship  
Janna Peterson – Lucien & Connie K. Bourgeois Scholarship  
Hannah Picazo – Sebe Dale Family Scholarship  
Alyssa Powell – Annelle Steele Memorial Scholarship  
Roy Reed – Katrina Overall McDonald Memorial Scholarship  
Hailee Riddle – Pearl River County Alumni Chapter Scholarship  
Brinson Roger – s L.A. Hurst, Jr. Endowed Scholarship  
Aaron Rush – Cayce Seal Lineman Memorial Scholarship  
James Sanders – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Samantha Shows – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Shamyah Sims – Berlon Lee Scholarship  
Jala Singleton – Picayune Lions Club Scholarship  
Britney Slade – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Kyle Sloan – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Tyler Smith – Dolores Thomas & Martin T. Smith Scholarship  
Johan Smith – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Karol Smith – LaRue & Mary Jean Saulters Scholarship  
Nicholas Sullivan – Hancock County Alumni Association Scholarship  
Savannah Sylvest – R.E.L. Sutherland Memorial Scholarship  
Caley Thornhill – Clark & Lucy Robertson Memorial Scholarship  
Wyatt Tomlinson – John Clearman-Baptist Student Union Scholarship  
Jason Townsend – Dobie Holden Memorial Scholarship  
Kaeleb Trayner – Ken Langnecker Scholarship  
Brooke Vasquez – Malone Choral Scholarship  
Kayleigh Warren – Eric James “Poncho” Wildcat Scholarship  
Alec Weary – PRCC Board of Trustees Scholarship  
Brittney West – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Caleb Wheat – Jean Baughman Wessel Templeton Scholarship  
Whitney Whitfield – Ball Family Scholarship  
Amanda Williams – Dewayne Stuckey Scholarship-Marion County  
Madelyn Williamson – St. Michael’s Foundation Scholarship  
Michaya Wilson – Hollie N. & William M. Davis, Jr. Scholarship 

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Article by Laura O’Neill
Photography by Jacob Cochran.

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.