PRCC Film and Video Technology Program Hosts Poplarville HS Students


The Film and Video Technology (FVT) program hosted Poplarville High School students for a film workshop in the college’s film production studio. This workshop marks the eighth time that Poplarville’s Digital Media Technology class has participated.

Poplarville High School’s Digital Media Technology class with PRCC Film and Video Technology instructor Ronn Hague (upper right) pose for a photo at the end of the day. The students were thoroughly immersed in the filmmaking experience during a 5-hour workshop hosted by the college.

The workshop is a combination of lecture and hands-on training. During the first 2 hours, Ronn Hague, Film and Video Technology instructor presents a program about filmspeak (the terms used on a film set) and film set etiquette and safety. Hague then introduces the students to the equipment they will be working with for the next session, which is a hands-on shoot where the students man the equipment and run the show.

“The students all have a great time doing the things they’ve learned about in their Digital Media class,” Hague said. He knows this because of the enthusiasm the students exhibit while the process is underway.

Several students spoke up about how they enjoyed the event. “I learned that there are a lot more jobs in the film industry then just a cameraman and a director,” said Justin Rodgers. “I had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon!”

“I have taken my students to visit the (PRCC) workshop each year since 2010,” said Donna Baxter, Poplarville High School Digital Media Technology teacher. “My students learn more in one day on the set than they can learn in a month in the classroom. They are immediately immersed in a full-blown production and begin to feel like professionals. Learning inside a real working studio instead of sitting inside a classroom while listening to a lecture sparks creativity and interest in many of my students who never had any interest in the filmmaking process before, and several have gone on to take (Film and Video Technology) classes.”

The workshop also qualifies the high school students to work as an intern on films the FVT produces, which includes Healthy People Now! film productions which help young people cope with psycho social issues and student films written and directed by PRCC film students.

At the end of the day, the video and audio clips were presented to Baxter who will have her editing students assemble the clips into a finished scene.

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