Pearl River recruiter gives back

POPLARVILLE, Miss. — The Wildcat Way of pride, respect, class and character was exemplified through the actions of the Pearl River Community College recruitment team Thursday. 

After tornadoes devastated communities in Jefferson Davis County, Pearl River recruiter Caitlin Warner reached out to Jefferson Davis County High School Counselor LaSonja Graves to see what PRCC could do to lend a hand during the difficult time. 

“As a PRCC recruiter, I get to spend a lot of time with these students,” Warner said. “I learn their names, faces, background stories and their goals. I meet their families, their friends, and I listen to each of their needs. I spend so much time with these students and they have always welcomed me into their school, their classrooms and even their lunches.

“I knew I had to find a way to give back.”

Warner and PRCC Director of Recruitment Richard Gleber brainstormed ways of helping these students she had come to know so well.

Once a game plan was in place, Warner contacted JDCHS Public Relations representative James Gholar to organize the safest distribution of t-shirts, bottled water, pens and pencils to the students. A drive through system was implemented so students didn’t have to leave their vehicles to safety receive items.

“Although we are a bit far for Caitlin, she goes above and beyond for the students of Jefferson Davis County High School,” Gholar said. “By far the best Recruiter at PRCC! Thank you Caitlin for all that you do for JDCHS.”

“I am honored to give recognition to Caitlin Warner who has represented Pearl River Community College with Pride, Respect, Class and Character,” Graves said. “She has consistently contacted me with PRCC updates and checking on our Jefferson Davis County High School Seniors during the COVID-19 Pandemic and during the aftermath of Easter Sunday's tornado damage that ripped apart the lives of our students, families, and community. 

“On behalf of the JDCHS Jaguar Family we want to say a special thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

Warner said just being able to give back this group of students that had already given so much to her was thanks enough.

“With every student I meet, they become part of my Wildcat family and to be able to go see them again and help them during this difficult time meant the world to me,” Warner said. “Just being able to give back and help the students, faculty and community that has been so kind and welcoming of me into their lives is a memory I will forever cherish.”

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