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Scott Alsobrooks Utility Lineman Technology
Scott Alsobrooks Dissertation Study Utilizing the Community College Student Experience Questionnaire
Ron Tharp Retaining Tomorrow: An Analysis of the Plans and Desires of Today’s College Students
Beverly Lewis Undergraduate Student Retention Research
Jennifer Stygles Anderson Motivation of College Students in Introductory Science Courses to Learn Science
Curtis Poole The Economic Contributions of Mississippi Rural Community Colleges: A Cost Benefit Analysis
Tara Rouse Community College Wellness Programs
Johannah Williams Assessing the Need for Community College Baccalaureate Degrees in Mississippi
Candace Harper Student Retention Survey
Arlene C. Jones Integration of Concept Maps into the Clinical Arena in an ADN Program
Randall E. Lee Comparative Analysis of Factors Related to College Selection by High Academic Ability Students Attending Mississippi’s Public Community Colleges in 2003 and 2011
Patricia Diane Williams The Role of Holistic Wellness Factors in Traditional and Nontraditional Community College Students’ Persistence
Thomas L. Smith, III Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes Towards Technology
Melissa Martin Bryant Relationship between Instructional (Instructor/Advisor) Leadership and Student Retention
Brenda Wells Effect of Late Registration in English Comp I
Jennifer Lowery Attitudes and Perceptions about College from the Students Enrolled in Developmental Education
Maghan James Student Support Services Effects on Community College Success: Perceptions of Student Athletes
Wallace G. Cox, Jr. Student Perceptions of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Instruction Compared to Traditional Classroom Based Instruction at Community Colleges in South Mississippi
Shannon Smith Opinions on Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities at the Community College
Tonyia Benton Using Supplemental Instruction in English
Scott L. Lewis William Carey University Tradition Campus House Survey
Ladd Taylor Perceptions of Funding for Community College Athletics in Mississippi
Deunderia Smith Identifying Variables That Predict Success in College Students in Mississippi
Nell Valentine The 2012 Mississippi Student Tobacco Survey
Tiffany Collins The Opinions Concerning Tutorials Services of Athletes Who Attend a Community College
Tara Rouse The Impact of Organizational Department Heads, Self-Efficacy, and Incentives on Participation in Wellness Programs
Raymunda Barnes The Relationship of Religious Involvement and Academic Performance Among College Students
Diane L. Johnson The Knowledge of Differentiated Instruction in Higher Education
Felecia Clanton Student Perception of Remedial Courses
Laura Palmer Attitudes of Faculty Toward Online Classes
Liz Donovan MyStudentBody – Community College
Craig Carrigee Do Demographic or Socioeconomic Factors Affect Perceived Benefits of Community College Attendance?
Tim Dedeaux Not Created Equal: A Comparison of Two Educational Computer Games
Sabrina Reese Transitioning Students with Learning Disabilities
Ericka T. Davis Community College Faculty and Administrators’ Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practices of Distance Education
Kathleen Ragsdale, Ph.D. Community College Completion Project
Chelsie Dobbins Quality and Effectiveness of Student Services for Non-traditional Students
Jana Causey Federal Aid and College Success of Students in the Community College
Tiffany Boiman Identifying Strategies for Increasing Community College Retention and Completion Rates Among Women Students in Mississippi
Elana Rachel DeVaughan Students’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Developmental Math Courses
Jena Hawk Media Portrayals of Community Colleges
Jennifer Lowery Perceptions of Students in Developmental Education Programs Toward Future College Work
Rebecca Fairchild Nursing Faculty Perceptions of Nursing Education Programs as Learning Organizations
Craig Carrigee Developmental Education and Summer Bridge Programs
Ladd Taylor Public Two-Year College Athletics: Administrators, Coaches, Faculty, and Staff Perceptions and a Causal-Comparative Examination of Expenditures Before and After the Elimination of Athletic Districts
Melissa Bryant Leadership Practices Among Undergraduate Nursing Instructors
Albert L. Collins, Jr. “Buddy” The Effects of the July 1, 2012, Changes in Federal Student Aid on the Annual Student Debt of Community College Students in Mississippi
Angela E. Payne The Impact of Statewide Articulation Agreements on Policy Implementation Through the Lens of University Admissions Counselors
Jessica Bunch Student Attitudes and Math Instructor Perceptions Regarding Remedial Math Coursework within Institutions of Higher Learning
Beverly Lewis Developmental Education at the Community College: An Exploration of Instructional Best Practices and the Relationship between Integration, Student Involvement, and Rates of Graduation
Adam Swanson The Effects of Race and Ethnicity in the Hiring Process: An Experimental Study of Millennial Undergraduate Attitudes Using Career Electronic Portfolios
Teresa Copelan Available Services Provided at Mississippi Community Colleges for Students with Mental Health Issues
Laura Gray Examining Time Management as a Function of Self-Regulated Learning in First-Year College Students Taking Online Classes
Laine Bourdene “Perceptions of Leadership Functions of Community College Academic Department Chairs through the Lens of Complexity Leadership Theory”
Judy Baker Geriatric Nursing: A Comparison of Final Semester Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Interest
Christa Wilhite Hope, Self-Efficacy, and Goal Orientation as a Motivational System in the Adoption of a Learning Management System Among Community College Faculty
Kisha Jones Fundraising Efforts in Mississippi Community Colleges
Jerryl M. Collins Perceived Understanding of Accommodations by Students with Learning Disabilities and Faculty in Post-Secondary Institutions
Jessica K. Hemba Mentoring and Its Effect on Faculty to Faculty Incivility
Wendy S. Smith Recruiting Community College Students with Social Media
Jamilah Ruffin An Assessment of Enrollment Management at Community Colleges in Mississippi
Rita Morgan Osteoporosis Knowledge Among Nursing Students in Mississippi
Scharvin Grizzell Administrator perceptions of the community college mission in the state of Mississippi and how it may be influenced by the addition of community college baccalaureate programs
Craig Carrigee Extracurricular Experiences of Students on Satellite Campuses
Elizabeth Hadley Student Perceptions of Online Mathematics Instruction at a Mississippi Community College
Dan Brewer Factors that Motivate First-Generation College Student Athletes Concerning Institutional Selection
Charles L. Keenum, Jr. A Comparison of Perspectives of Mississippi College Students Who are First-Generation and Students Who are Not
Jennifer Laborde Impact of Error Driven Learning Methodology Versus Traditional Methodologies in Student Simulation Scores
Marla Breland Multi-Dimensional Workplace Safety: Giving Voice to Nursing Faculty in the Age of Violence
Katy Canulette Single-Parent Students’ Perceptions on Support Services in Mississippi Community/Junior Colleges
Scott Smiley Situational Awareness of Associate and Bachelor Degree Nursing Students: A cross-sectional study
Jason C. Ross Leadership Competencies for the Community College Department Chairperson
Trevor Hunt College Orientation: A Study of Perceived Effectiveness
Jessica M. Tutor Does the success of dual enrollment students in the secondary environment continue to the postsecondary?
Tammy Franks Psychological Conditions of Engagement Among Community College Maintenance Employees: A Cross-Sectional Study
David Campbell Leadership Frames in Comprehensive Community Colleges: Implications for the Market-Responsive College
Laura Jean Kerr College Health and Environment Surveillance Survey (CHESS)
Kenneth Parker Financing Higher Education for First-Generation College Students
Trevor Hunt Music Major Persistence:  A Study of the Effects a First-Year Seminar has on Music Major Intent to Persist
Melissa Ziegler The Influence of the Educational Environment on College Student Activity
Craig Carrigee Mathematical Literacy and Video Games
Erick T. Moffett Tangible Teaching:  The effect of physical modeling on conceptual understanding of conservation of matter
Britta Stephens Characteristics and Success of First Generation Student Athletes in Higher Education
Charles Keenum A Comparison of Choices First-Generation and Non-First-Generation Mississippi College Students Make to Obtain a Higher Education
Russell Young Characteristics and Motivations of Mississippi Community College Donors
Erica Battle Agile Learning vs. ADDIE:  The Choice for Instructional Designers in Online Learning Development in Higher Education
Joanna Alston Soft Skills in Community Colleges’ Online Career and Technical Education Programs
Lindy Lee Mississippi Community College Faculty Perceptions of Their Roles in Student Retention
Victoria Young Unlocking the Mystery Behind Students with Disabilities and Classroom Accommodations in Higher Education:  Are You Covered?
Andria Entrekin Creating a Holistic Curriculum with You in Mind
LaShanda Chamberlain Student Loan Default Prevention and Management Practices at Mississippi Community Colleges
Karen Bond Dual Enrollment Education:  Who Benefits?
Sydni Crain Projected Planted
LaShonda Short Perceptions of Students with Disabilities Transitioning from High School to Higher Education
William Masters Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action Project
Carolyn Wiley Institutional Research Agents’ Perceptions of How Data Contribute to Organizational Change
Renyetta Johnson Learning to Lead:  Examining Leadership Competencies of Participants in the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy
Candace Harper Inclusive Access Program at Pearl River Community College
Christina Miller The Perceived Effectiveness of Professional Development Programs for Faculty and Staff on University and Community College Campuses in South Mississippi
Craig-Ellis Sasser Single Parent Success in Mississippi’s Community College System
Jonathan Morris Review, Renovate, Redesign, and Remediate: A Curriculum Evaluation of Remedial Mathematics Program
Marjory Thrash History and Status of PRCC Co-Requisite English
James Rush Experiences of Implementing Developmental Education Redesign in Mississippi Community Colleges: An Administrators’ and Faculty’s Perspective
Katania Breland Nurse Educators’ Perception of Utilization of Holistic Admissions Review Processes on Diversity of Nursing Student Selection
Megan Winborne Comparison of Retention Rates between Traditional On-Ground and Online Biology Laboratory Courses in the Community College Setting
Karen Bond Dual Enrollment Education: Performance and Perceptions
Melanie Davis Accommodating Dyslexic Tendencies in the Community College Classroom
Jalea Adams Factors Influencing High School Students Admission in Dual Enrollment: Characteristics and Inequalities of Dual Enrollment
Raymunda Barnes Decision-Making by Community College Administrators on Satellite Campuses of Mississippi Community Colleges
Terri Ruckel Supporting our Front Line Education Professionals: Mental Health of Faculty During Pandemic
Leslie Harrington An Exploration of Nursing Faculty Satisfaction, Fatigue, and Intent to Remain in the Current Position Related to Workload Assignments
Hannah Harrison Boosting Degree Attainment: A Mixed Methods Examination of an Adult Degree Completion Initiative
Elisabeth Wall MCCLA – Faculty & Professional Staff Diversity Review and Adapted NERCE Self-Assessment Rubric
Elisabeth Wall A Longitudinal Study of Extant Pre- and Post-Grit Scores from Fall 2016 through Fall 2018 for Developmental Students Enrolled in the First-Year Seminar at a Mississippi Community College
Phi Theta Kappa PTK advisors and honor students survey to collect research on “Why is Mississippi the lowest in Covid-19 vaccinations?”

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.