Five Reasons Summer Semester Rules

Night classes begin May 23
Day classes begin June 3
Online classes begin May 31

At first glance, you might think summer semester is an oxymoron of sorts.  But there are numerous reasons taking classes during summer semester is incredible beneficial.    Here are just five.

  1. Jump ahead and graduate earlier.
    It seems like a great deal, getting some of the credits that you need out of the way early. When you take a few classes ahead of time, it will open up your schedule more and this will give you time for other studies. This also works on the opposite side of things as well. If you’re doing bad in a college class and have to drop it for that semester you are given the chance to take a class in place of that or similar to it, during the summer courses. This will get you right back on track to graduating, and being successful with your college career.
  2. You still get a summer.
    When taking a summer class at your college the semester is shorter than the fall semester. This makes time fly by, before you know it you`ll be at the end of your class and still have a little part of your summer left as your break before you go to the fall semester. On top of that, because you will be taking on a smaller course load, you’ll be leaving plenty of time for fun in the sun. You really don`t lose a summer when it comes down to it.
  3. The campus is much quieter.
    When going to college in the summer, you will find that not as many students are attending, leaving the whole campus quiet and less busy. This also helps for the upcoming fall semester you can get use to the campus before most of the new students come during the fall semester.
  4. Finding Parking is easy
    At PRCC we strive to make parking easy, but in the fall and spring semesters it does get a little crowed. Well, in the summer semester things are less busy and more relaxed. Finding a parking spot becomes an easy process during the summer semester and doesn’t love parking on the front row.
  5. Classes are more relaxed.
    Because most of the classes are smaller, you actually get more attention for those hard classes.  The atmosphere in the summer semesters are a lot more laid back.

When you think about it, summer semester provides a great opportunity for students to get ahead in their coursework with better focus and increased attention from their professors. It is important to recognize that summer classes are not for everyone, and their value is largely determined by personal preference and learning style.

Each community college president is asked to bring two (2) wrapped door prizes, minimum value of $50 each. We will have a station set up at the conference for you to drop off the door prizes.

Each community college is asked to provide name tags for their Board members, administration, and staff attending the conference.