Electronics tech students build robots

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  POPLARVILLE – Students in Lourie Barnett’s microprocessor class just looked like they were playing with toys.
  In reality, they were demonstrating how robots they made in class could get out of the way of an obstruction or follow an obstacle course.
  “It operates via sensors like the remote on your tv,” Barnett said.
  The microprocessor course is part of the electronics technology program that prepares students for jobs in a variety of industries.
  “I just retired from the Army and I want to go offshore,” said student David Lee of Purvis.
  The students used kits to build the robots with servos that make the wheels turn, sensors and motors. Then they use computers to program them.
  “Last year, we did the basic microprocessor kit,” Barnett said. “This year, we souped it up with the robots.”
  The students used 70 to 80 programs.
  Students who complete the electronics technology program earn an associate in applied science degree. The program is taught in block format – a course meets all day for two weeks with a two-week break before the next course begins.
  For more information contact, Barnett at 601 403-1109 or at lbarnett@prcc.edu.

Pearl River Community College electronics technology student James Prater of Picayune uses a broom to demonstrate how a robot he built in microprocessor class will turn away from objects in its path.
PRCC Public Relations photo

A microprocessor robot built by a student in the Pearl River Community College electronics technology program follows a circular obstacle course.
PRCC Public Relations photo