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The Fine Art program at PRCC is designed to help students build their foundation of art knowledge and skills.  Students who wish to pursue a variety of disciplines are encouraged to take traditional courses in drawing, design, color theory, and ceramics where projects involve skillbuilding, idea conceptualization, and discussions around best professional practices.

Possible careers in this program:

Possible careers include but are not limited to: Artist, Graphic Designer, Architect, and Interior Designer.

Transfer Programs at 4-Year Universities

Interested in advancing your degree after completing our 2 year program? Enrolling at PRCC helps you save money and earn credits specific to your preferred major before transferring to a 4-year university.

All the courses offered will transfer to a four-year institution as part of their foundation program.

Course offerings parallel the university curriculum for transfer in:

PRCC Fine Arts


Each student that participates in an art program at Pearl River is eligible for a service scholarship*. Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of six semesters and do not have to be taken during consecutive semesters. Service scholarships within the Department of Fine Arts and Communications can be “stacked” with academic, other service scholarships, and State and Federal financial aid.  

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