How To Apply

How To Apply

Dear Prospective Student: 

We are pleased that you have shown an interest in the Respiratory Care Technology program at Pearl River Community College. The enclosed application packet contains all the information you will need to successfully apply to the program. Applicants that have completed all academic prerequisites are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The deadline to apply for Fall enrollment is May 1st each year. 

Please follow the steps below to ensure that your application is complete. 

Applications will be accepted until May 1, each year.  All applications, all college transcripts, and ACT scores must be received by this date in order to be considered.  Late applications will not be accepted. Items 1 – 4 must be completed or submitted to PRCC. 

  • Complete thePRCC Admissions Application. Within 3-5 days, you will receive RiverGuide Credentials. 
  • Once you receive your RiverGuide credentials, use them to complete the Respiratory Care Technology Program Application 
  • You must eScript (preferred) or mail Official Transcripts from high school or GED and all colleges attended to: 
    Pearl River Community College 
    Office of Admissions 
    101 Hwy 11 North 
    Poplarville, MS 39470 
  • ACT Score – minimum ACT score accepted is 16, preferred ACT score is 18 or higher. 
    • ACT score may be from the national administration of the test or the residual. 
    • Applicants who took the ACT prior to October 1989 will have their results converted to the enhanced scores. (A score of 16 prior to October 1989 converts to an 18 on the Enhanced ACT). 

You have the option of saving your application information before submitting, exiting, and returning at a later date to complete the application. Once you have completed the information and submitted the application, the application will no longer be available to you. You will receive an email stating that your application has been submitted for the current program application period along with further information. 

Other Admission Requirements 

In addition to all of Pearl River Community College’s general admission requirements for technical students, all Respiratory Care Program Applicants must have the following documents on file in the Respiratory Care Program office at the Forrest County Campus (5448 US Hwy 49 South, Hattiesburg, MS 39401) by May 1 of the application year to be considered for admission to the Respiratory Care Technology program: 

  • Program Applicant Course List 
  • Spring Mid-Term Grade Form – submit to RCT Program only if you are taking spring classes of the application year 
  • A current photo of yourself, no larger than 3 x 5, with your name written on the back of the photo.  
  • Review academic and technical standards for admission and progression found here  
  • For additional information on the Respiratory Care Technology program and to find the above documents click here 
  • Attend an Information Session. 

Information Sessions

Each spring semester the Respiratory Care Technology program will hold Information Sessions for fall applicants.
Please see the information below for the scheduled Information Sessions. 
Information Sessions are highly recommended. They offer prospective students an opportunity for students to meet faculty and learn more about the Respiratory Care Technology program. 
Applicants who attend an information session will receive one point on the admission score.

The Information Sessions will be held on:

March 21, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.
April 12, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.

Forrest County Campus
Allied Health Building, Room 237

Click here to RSVP.

Pre-requisite Courses 

Students are required to complete the following Pre-requisite courses and must achieve a “C” or better prior to admission to the Respiratory Care Technology program. Courses can be in progress when applying but must be complete prior to starting the respiratory program in the Fall Semester: 

*Pre-requisite Course Requirements 

Course Number 

Course Name 

Semester Hours 

BIO 1513 or 2513 

Anatomy and Physiology I* 


BIO 1511 or 2511 

Anatomy and Physiology I (lab)* 


BIO 1523 or 2523 

Anatomy and Physiology II* 


BIO 1521 or 2521 

Anatomy and Physiology II (lab)* 


MAT 1313 

College Algebra 


ENG 1113 

English Composition I 


SPT 1113 

Oral Communication 


Behavioral/Social Science Elective 
This includes general psychology or sociology. 


Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 
These can be any one of the following: any foreign language, World Lit, Eng. Comp. II or Music/Art appreciation. 


Highly recommend: 

Medical Terminology Elective 


Microbiology with lab 


*Anatomy & Physiology courses must have been taken within the last 5 years 

Please note that if you are currently enrolled in one of the seven prerequisite classes, you must submit a mid-term grade form for that class, so it may be calculated towards your GPA calculation. You must submit this by April 15th of the application year. Your GPA plays a big role in the admission process. For consideration of admission to the RCT class, the applicant’s grade point average for the required pre-requisite courses must be at least 2.50, minimum preferred is 3.0. 

Admission to the Respiratory Care Technology program is based on ACT score, GPA (Only courses required for admission to the program will be considered when computing grade point averages), and an interview. The applicant should be available for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee should he/she become a candidate for admission. Failure to interview with the Admissions Committee at the scheduled time and date will constitute automatic program rejection. 

As per Mississippi law, all persons who provide direct, hands-on medical care in a patient’s/resident’s/client’s room or in a treatment or recovery room will be required to undergo a criminal history record check.  All students accepted into the Respiratory Care Technology Program will be required to complete this check.  We will conduct these background checks during the summer orientation. For more information regarding criminal history checks please click here. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students that meet the minimum requirements listed are NOT guaranteed admission to the Respiratory Care program. 

Students NOT selected for admission to the program must reapply prior to May 1 of next year to be reconsidered. 

For more information, please email Lori Anderson, Program Director, or April Mallard at call 601.554.5521