Program Fees

Program Fees

A list of fees and costs associated with attending Pearl River Community College can be viewed on the college’s  Tuition & Fees page. 

Additional course fees are listed below: 

1st Semester:   

3 sets of black scrubs $200 

Close-toed shoes        $75  

Background Check      $50 

Blood Test                   $50 

CPR/First Aid               $10 

Textbooks                   $800 

Name Tag                   $20 

 2nd Semester: 

Massage Table      (models vary in price) 

Massage Chair       (models vary in price) 

 Post-Program Completion: 

MBLEx                       $265 

MS State License       $250 

Additional tuition, etc… may be incurred by the student if the student attends summer school to complete core curriculum classes. THE ABOVE FEES ARE AN ESTIMATE. ALL FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.