Program Outcomes

Associate Degree Nursing

Program Outcomes (2021)

  1. Licensure Pass Rate:

Annual Licensure examination pass rate for all test takers (1st and repeat) in the same 12 month period will be at 80% or above.

Data Description 
Entire Program77 / 81 = 95%
  1. Completion Rate:

Fifty-five (55%) percent or greater of both Traditional ADN and LPN to ADN option students will graduate within one hundred (100%) percent of the stated program length being either three (3) or four (4) academic semesters beginning with enrollment in the first nursing course of the option.

Data Description 
Entire Program65 / 121 = 54%
  1. Employment Rate:

Ninety percent (90%) of the graduates (respondents) on the job placement survey will reflect employment in a position (registered nurse) for which the program prepared them.

YearGraduates*Number of ResponsesResponse Rate (%)Job Placement Rate

*Graduates are surveyed one year following graduation.