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Pearl River Community College offers a Business Administration curriculum for students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution and earn a Baccalaureate degree in one of the following areas: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Real Estate, Insurance, International Business, Management, Merchandising, Management Information Systems, Financial Information Systems, Marketing, Production/Operation Management, Sports Management and Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism in addition to other business related fields. Courses are offered in a variety of formats including the traditional classroom format as well as hybrid and online formats. 

There are many different types of degrees available in the business field. A Business Administration career can prepare you for a job in Government, Retail, Education, Private Business or to own your own business. 

Business Course Offerings at PRCC

Students can choose from a variety of business offerings on PRCC’s Poplarville and Forrest County campuses, and a limited number of course offerings from the Hancock campus. Below is information on each business discipline in our Science, Math, and Business Department. For a list of classes offered through our business department, please see our Student Catalog.


Accounting is the language of business, and as a profession, it is changing rapidly in both the public and private sectors. Growth is necessary to accommodate these changes, and this growth is creating demand for new accounting professionals. An accounting degree is one of the most highly demanded. Accounting students of today will shape the future of the accounting profession. Pearl River Community College provides courses to help prepare the student for jobs in the accounting sector. 

Public Accounting 

Public accounting firms range in size from small local practices to huge international firms. Public firms handle a wide variety of tasks with clients ranging from individuals who need help with their personal taxes to corporations that trade on Wall Street for hundreds of dollars a share. Public accountants can specialize in areas such as auditing, tax accounting, and management consulting. 

Private Accounting 

Private accountants perform many of the same tasks as public accountants, but their jobs are tailored specifically to the company for which they work. The information collected in the private industry is used to help make better business decisions. As the business world continues to grow and evolve, the volume and complexity of the financial and non-financial data will likewise grow, requiring corporate accountants and auditors to become more knowledgeable and more involved in decision-making processes. Accounting departments are becoming smaller and requiring technologically savvy professionals that are capable of creating methods of growth and increasing profit margins. The emerging accountant needs to be able to anticipate future company needs and then design and apply creative solutions to the company’s business problems.


Our Principles of Microeconomics and Microeconomics are two capstone courses that will be taken while undertaking a degree in Economics or most business related degrees.  Economics majors study questions that are related to wealth, incentives and resource allocation among other things. Students with a bachelor’s degree in economics usually find jobs in banking, investment, insurance, finance and consulting.  Economics courses are taken in undergraduate, graduate and professional studies in areas like law, business management and public affairs. Some of the duties of economists are to analyze economic data, forecast business trends and to recommend strategies for investing.   

Our Introduction to Business is a business course that introduces students to the basic concepts of business.  Students in this class will study topics such as the current business and economic environment, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, financial management and business careers.  Students taking this course may be business or economics majors, general studies majors or just anyone interested in general knowledge about the business world and needing an elective course.


A degree in Business Administration is a broad “umbrella” degree. The areas that fall under this degree are Accounting, Economics, Human Resources, Insurance, Banking & Finance, International Business and Real Estate as well as a range of other areas for employment.  Most job markets are seeking employees with a wide range of knowledge who are familiar with a variety of subjects. 

Legal Environment of Business, BAD 2413, exposes the student to the areas of criminal law versus civil law. Civil Law evolves from work situational crimes involving fraud and misappropriation of funds. The student realizes the importance of careful hiring practices to safeguard against business loss. The area of Contract Law secures hiring, termination criteria and the responsibilities that are mandated both in the business world and in personal transactions. 

Principles of Real Estate, BAD 2713, & Real Estate Law, BAD 2723, are the courses that cover the world of Real Estate Agents & Brokers. The 2 classes offered at PRCC are the required courses for licensure as a real estate agent under Mississippi Code, upon successful completion of these courses the student may apply to take the real estate exam though the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. After passing the exam the candidate is now able to enter the work force as an agent for sales of real estate. This licensure opens a wide possibility of employment in sales, property management and with an additional two courses makes it possible to own & operate a real estate firm as well as an appraisal business. 

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