Program Information

Sociology is the study of human interaction within society.  Sociology allows you to take an in-depth look at what is going on within your community and throughout society as a whole.  You will explore many things including culture, socialization, crime and deviance, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, politics and the economy and so much more. 
At PRCC we offer 3 unique classes within the discipline; Intro to Sociology, Marriage and Family and Social Problems. 

Possible careers in this program:

Probation officer, Researcher, Data Analyst, Professor/Instructor, Case Worker, Paralegal, Public Relations, Administrator, Community Organizers, Demographers, Survey Researchers and Statisticians, etc.

What a student can expect from a career in this field:

Research social issues that “may help administrators, educators, lawmakers, and social workers to solve social problems.”

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Additional Information:

  • Education Required: Master’s Degree

Course Descriptions:

SOC 2213: Intro to Sociology

This course introduces the scientific study of human society and social interaction and examines social forces on individuals and groups.  You will learn a variety of things from the basic theory and research methods used in the discipline to topics such as crime and deviance, religion, social networks, stratification, education, and marriage and family. This course is 3 semester hours credit.  

SOC 2143: Marriage and Family

This course examines marriage and the family in the United States with some cross-cultural comparison.  It focuses on gender roles, trends in relationships, how relationships are formed, and challenges in relationships (e.g., children, abuse, stress, divorce).   Relationships explored in the course include:  marriage, casual relationships, same-sex relationships, parenting, remarriage, and relationships later in life.  Through the course of the semester, you will learn how to apply sociological concepts and knowledge to real-world relationship issues.  This course is 3 semester hours credit. 

SOC 2133: Social Problems

This course is a study of the theoretical analysis, nature, scope, and effects of contemporary social problems and policy measures used to address them. You will learn about the following topics: growth of corporate and government power; family-related problems; health and illness; poverty; race and ethic relations; gender and social inequality; age, sexual orientation, and social inequality; crime and delinquency; alcohol and other drugs; and education.  This course is 3 semester hours credit. 

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