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For Pearl River Community College students, education is an exciting and diverse career path.  Currently, Mississippi does not have enough teachers; that problem extends across the nation as teachers retire and schools expand.  Mississippi currently has approximately 37,600 teachers spread across kindergarten through grade 12; this number does not include instructors and professors working in post-graduate institutions. Nationally, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, “About 920,500 new jobs are projected to be added from 2020 to 2030.”  

Education is a unique plan of study, in that students can begin their professional careers with just an associate’s degree by working as a teacher’s aide. Alternatively, PRCC graduates can transfer to the various 4-year colleges and universities within and outside the state to complete their bachelor’s degrees and then gain licensure. Mississippi has articulation agreements with the surrounding states, so our graduates can earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching license in the state, then easily transfer to a different state to work. 

The education advisors at PRCC work closely with students to develop personalized education plans, depending on the specific career goals and transfer destinations. Currently every public and private 4-year college and university in Mississippi offers education undergraduate and graduate degrees. Advisors are guided by the Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool for public universities and close contacts with the various private universities; we want every PRCC education major to enjoy a smooth transfer to the university, followed by degree completion and job. There are many paths for education majors.

Interested In Teaching Grades K-6?

Education majors planning to teach in the kindergarten through 6th grade complete their freshman and sophomore level courses at PRCC, then transfer to an institution of higher learning.  Mississippi offers licensure for the following areas: 

Interested In Teaching Grades 7-12?

Education majors planning to teach grades 7 through 12 complete their freshman and sophomore level courses at PRCC, then transfer to an institution of higher learningMany students who become secondary teachers earn licensure in more than two areas, which creates valuable employees. Mississippi offers licensure for the following areas:

What's Next For A Graduate?

After earning the bachelor’s degree and the basic teaching license, Mississippi encourages its teachers to extend their educations by earning masters and doctorate degrees.  A postgraduate degree is required for positions in: 

Positions at the post-graduate level such as community college and/or university will require work experience with post graduate degrees. Education majors often earn jobs outside school systems, including: 

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