Arts and Humanities Pathway (ARTHUM)

Pathway Information

Students selecting the Arts and Humanities Pathway may have a desire to creatively express themselves through the arts in areas such as music, dance, or journalism. In addition, students of this Pathway show an interest in history, social sciences, philosophy, and geography to name a few. Within this Pathway will also be the disciplines that focus on areas such as communication and advertising.

2 Year or Less Programs at PRCC

Possible two-year (or less) PRCC majors in the Arts and Humanities Pathway include:

Transfer Programs at 4-Year Universities

Interested in advancing your degree after completing our 2 year program? Enrolling at PRCC helps you save money and earn credits specific to your preferred major before transferring to a 4-year university.

PRCC offers the first two years of all Mississippi university majors in the Arts and Humanities Pathway which may include but are not limited to:



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Avoid repeat courses and save time at PRCC by ensuring your credits are eligible for transferring to the university and program you are interested in. The Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) helps students clarify their course schedule and optimize their timeline for graduation.
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