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Dr. Jennifer Seal
Vice-President for Planning 
and Institutional Research

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research is the primary unit for activities relating to institutional planning and assessment, institutional research, personnel evaluations, professional development, and grant proposals.

One of the priorities of this office is to ensure that each unit of the College documents efforts to meet the Mission and Strategic Goals of the College, with the primary focus being on the improvement of student learning outcomes.  This is accomplished primarily through the collection and review of the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Charts, evaluations of instruction, and numerous Internal Performance Indicators.  In order to provide documentation for decisions to be made and information about the College which is of interest to the general public, statistics regarding all areas of the College are provided by the Office of Institutional Research.

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research is also responsible for providing documentation regarding College accomplishments and improvements to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).   In addition, grant proposals are submitted through this office by faculty and staff to various foundations and organizations throughout the school year. 






Office personnel include the following:

Dr. Jennifer Seal – Vice President for Planning and Institutional Research

Dr. Melanie Davis – Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness/Director of Professional and Community Development

Dr. Tim Dedeaux – Assistant Director of Institutional Research

Ms. Katherine Griggs – Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator

Ms. Tiffany McCardle – Administrative Assistant to the Director of Institutional Research/Professional and Community Development

Ms. Kathleen Martin – Administrative Assistant to the Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Other functions of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research include the following:

  • Coordination of accreditation reports
  • Preparation of the Student Consumer Information Guide
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Assistance to departments with the formulation of planning goals and objectives
  • Assessment of effectiveness in achieving goals and objectives
  • Assistance with student and faculty surveys
  • Preparation and publication of the Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Coordination of program reviews, Institutional Review Board responsibilities, and Leadership Class events
  • Publication of selected newsletters and brochures
  • Implementation of the Women’s Health Symposium and Lunch and Learn programs.  

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