Leasing Information

  1. In an effort to provide a quality environment for all, we ask that you refrain from attaching anything to the walls or doors with tape or thumbtacks.
  2. The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on our property, both inside or outside. 
  3. Alcohol is strictly forbidden anywhere on college property.
  4. Firearms are not allowed.
  5. A signed Facility Use Form must be in place before you can advertise your event.
  6. We reserve the right to request payment prior to the event.  Otherwise payment will be expected within 30 days of invoicing.
  7. You will have access to the rooms reserved on the dates requested.  We can’t guarantee access to the room prior to that time.   Please make
    arrangements if you need extra time to set up.  We will do our best to accommodate.
  8. Please notify us if you are having training materials shipped to our facility.  We also need to know in advance if you are planning to drop materials off prior to the day of your event. 
  9. We do allow use of the facility after hours and on weekends.  Arrangements must be made prior to the event for a key to the building and the room(s) rented. 
  10. Technical support isn’t available after hours or on weekends, therefore it is advisable to make an appointment to see how to use the technology that is available at the center.
  11. The center can provide laptop computers, microphones for certain rooms and USB presenters.  Please make sure to indicate your needs on the Facility Use Form.  Additional charges may be incurred if changes are made the day of the event.
  12. The Lowery A. Woodall Advanced Technology Center is part of Pearl River Community College.  Scheduling priority will always be given to the college.
  13. We can accommodate the need for registration tables, however, blocking of public areas such as the halls, the downstairs/upstairs lobby or the break room is not permitted.  Please contact the Director if you need access beyond the normal scope of our service.
  14. All materials must be removed after the event within a reasonable timeframe.  Any materials left behind may be considered abandoned and disposed of.
  15. Outside drinks such as sodas, water and coffee are not allowed unless they are provided with a catered event or for a training event on the weekends.  These items can be purchased through the Woodall Center.
  16. Certain events may require proof of liability insurance.

Rental Fees

Effective July 1, 2014

Room Photo Square Feet Max Capacity Rental
Auditorium Click for Photo 2758 175 $200
Executive Conference Room Click for Photo 933 37 $150
Room 209 Click for Photo 844 36 $50
Room 206 Click for Photo 627 24 $50
Room 202 Click for Photo 724 24 $50
Room 203 Click for Photo 1420 60 $100
Room 111 583 18 $50
Room 210 Computer Lab Click for Photo 879 24 $150
Room 208 Computer Lab Click for Photo 771 12 $150
Dining Room Click for Photo 1228 76 $50 for a meal event only
$100 for a training event
All fees above are per day
Temporary Office Space Room 111 plus 113 office 781 $250 per month for the first 6 months
$300 per month for the second 6 months
$350 per month after the 1st year
Temporary Office only 148 $150 per month

Coffee Service: 0 – 10 people $7.50 Add $2.50 for each additional 10 people
Beverages: Billed for what is used