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Parents Prowl - August, 2016

August, 2016 – Volume 1
Welcome to the PRCC family and your first edition of your Parents Prowl newsletter.  You will receive your newsletter the last week of each month.

2016 Dormitory Move-In Days

  • Forrest Hall 1st Floor-Sunday, August 14, 8 am -12 noon
  • Forrest Hall 2nd Floor-Saturday, August 13, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Holden Hall-Sunday, August 14, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Moody Hall-Friday, August 12, 8 am -12 noon
  • Huff Hall-Sunday, August 14, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Pearl River Hall-Saturday, August 13, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Marion Hall-Sunday, August, 14, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Hancock Hall-Saturday, August 13, 1pm - 5 pm
  • Lamar Hall-Sunday, August 14,1pm - 5 pm

The PRCC Wildcat Den Bookstore located in Crosby Hall will be open on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14 from Noon to 5:00 pm each day. We encourage all parents and students to join them for refreshments and fun! Students may also pick up their textbooks and school supplies.

If a student is in a M-W-F class they are allowed 6 cuts/absences.  On the 7th absence, they are cut/dropped from the class.  If a student is in a T-Th class, they are allowed 4 cuts/absences.  On the 5th absence, they are cut/dropped from the class.  Students enrolled in one day only classes or night classes are allowed 2 absences and are dropped from the class at the 3rd absence.
Lynx - Pearl River Mass Notification System

Sign up for LYNX, PRCC's Mass Notification System...

We encourage you to have your student sign up for the PRCC Mass Notification System.  It is located within their Riverguide.  Students may enter multiple phone numbers.  They may put your number along with theirs.      
The PRCC Notification System is used to notify students, faculty and staff of vital information during the semester.  This system is generally used to notify you when the campus is closed due to severe weather.

Parking decals must be affixed to vehicles driven on campus to avoid traffic citations.  Students may not park on the grass, in reserved spaces or in designated handicapped spaces (unless handicapped). Students are only permitted to park in spaces marked with white lines.  Should the car the student has the decal affixed is out of service and another vehicle will be brought, please make sure the student notifies campus police to obtain a temporary permit. Students must register for their parking permits online. The student will be asked to provide their vehicle information such as tag number, make, model, etc. during the registration process.
Students will receive an e-mail on their PRCC student email account letting them know when decals are available and a link to the registration page.

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If you know of parents who would like to receive the newsletter, they may contact Carol Williams at or call 601-403-1287.  Soon a link will be created on the PRCC website where parents may sign up there. It will be under the  Community tab.