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The Office of Financial Aid at Pearl River Community College is dedicated to helping students and families reach educational and career goals through the various financial aid programs available.  Financial aid is designed to help students and their families pay for college and is available through a variety of federal, state and institutional programs.  Students may receive assistance through scholarships, grants, loans, and/or part-time employment.

The first thing to understand about financial aid is that there are many different options.  Even if your student is going to be receiving scholarships and/or your student is not eligible for federal financial aid, the student still needs to complete the FASFA.  This documentation can make your student eligible for additional scholarships.  

Completing the FASFA can be very confusing—compare it to filing your income taxes.  Some questions are very straightforward; others will take a bit of research.  Before sitting down to complete your FASFA, make sure you have the following items at hand:

  • The FSA ID you created for the student and parent at (You must use different email addresses)
  • Your filed taxes  (If you’ve already filed your taxes, you will be able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to link your information into the FAFSA.)
  • Social Security numbers of the student and the parent if providing the parent information
  • The Alien Registration Number if the student is not a U.S. citizen
  • Information on savings, investments, and business assets for the student (and for the parents if providing parent information)

Take 15The Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid has announced a change in the definition of “full-time student” for the purposes of receiving state financial aid from 12 credit hours per semester to 15 credit hours per semester.

The July 1, 2016, change to the definition of "full-time student" applies only to state financial aid programs. It does not affect:

  • Federal aid, which requires 12 credit hours per semester.
  • PRCC institutional scholarships, which requires 15 credit hours as well.

For more info, visit Rise Up Mississippi, Take 15