Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Professional Development

Adopted June 8, 1976

Revision Date October 15, 2003

Reference: Personnel

Policy: Pearl River Community College encourages all employees to participate in professional development activities.

Procedure: 1. The College will coordinate at least one professional development activity a year in which employees may participate. 2. Release time may be granted to attend classes and/or workshops for renewing of licenses, continuing education, upgrading programs, and participating in professional organizations. Such time may be granted without loss of pay to the employee. 3. All requests will be submitted in writing to the immediate supervisor. 4. If approved by the immediate supervisor, a full-time employee may take one, and only one, course per semester during the work day. This course may be taken only during the employee’s lunch hour, which is set by the employee’s supervisor. 5. Each department is encouraged to budget travel expenses for members to attend professional meetings and workshops. Any non-budgeted expense incurred by faculty and staff will be a personal expense. 6. Individuals attending professional meetings will be responsible for making travel arrangements. 7. Any exceptions to the above regulations will be addressed in writing to the President of the College.