Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Community Resources

Adopted December 7, 1993

Revision Date April 14, 2010

Reference: Instruction

Policy: Community resources may be utilized in the instructional program.

Procedure: Instructors planning to utilize community resources for their programs should contact the appropriate instructional administrator or approved designee. Community resources are certainly encouraged as part of the instructional program as we seek diversity and involvement with the local communities in offering the best instructional program possible for each course. 1. Educational trips planned by a faculty member must be approved by the faculty member’s immediate supervisor and the next level of administration by completing an “Authorization for Travel, Advance Funds, or Transportation” form. 2. If transportation is needed, the completed form must be submitted to the President's Office at least ten (10) working days in advance of the travel. 3. A completed “Excused Absences - Friday Report” form must be submitted to the Dean of Student Services on all approved student travel which requires absence from classes. 4. When a guest speaker is invited to a class, a completed “Request for Resource Person to Visit Class” form should be submitted.