Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures



Adopted May 11, 1976

Revision Date March 12, 2004

Reference: Financial Resources

Policy: The President will submit a projected annual budget to the Board of Trustees in accordance with state laws and regulations.

Procedure: 1. The President and Dean of Business Services are responsible for preparing and presenting the annual budget to the Board for approval at the regularly scheduled meeting in June of each fiscal year. The College will follow budgeting procedure as contained in the zero based budgeting concept. Each line item of the College budget will be presumed to be zero until sufficient documentation is presented to justify all expenditures and revenues. 2. The Dean of Business Services will be responsible for developing the budgeted revenues of the College. The College’s Mission Statement and Strategic Goals will serve as the basis for the budget, and the budget will be developed in complete detail utilizing all information from all sources of known and projected information. 3. The heads of administrative units will review very carefully all budgets and expenditures in relation to the Mission Statement and Strategic Goals from the current year. The source of this information is the monthly report now received reflecting adjusted budgets and actual expenditures. For example, personnel in each department of the college should be reviewed to insure the necessity of the positions. The criteria for necessity will include