Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Withdrawal from a Class or from the College

Adopted June 8, 1976

Revision Date May 13, 2003

Reference: Educational Programs

Policy: A student may withdraw from a class or from the College.

Procedure: 1. During the registration period, a student who wishes to withdraw from a class may complete the process online or seek the assistance of an academic or career-technical counselor. After the last day of registration, a student should consult with the instructor of that class and obtain a withdrawal form. After the student signs the form, the instructor will also sign it and will take the form to the Admissions Office. A student who wishes to withdraw from an online course should go to the Extended Education & Instructional Design website and submit an online withdrawal form. 2. No grade will be given if a student withdraws from a class during the drop/add period. After the drop/add period, a student who is determined by the instructor to be passing a course may withdraw with a grade of “W” at any time prior to the scheduled time for the final examination. Prior to the published date on which the term is 75% completed, a student may withdraw with a grade of “W” whether passing or not. After that date, a student who is determined by the instructor to be failing the course will receive a grade of “F” upon withdrawal. (A student who is dismissed from a class because of excessive absences or as a result of disciplinary action at any point in a term will receive a grade of “F.”) 3. A student who wishes to withdraw from all classes taken at the College should obtain a Withdrawal Slip from a counselor, who will supply the necessary information on the front of the Withdrawal Slip and explain the procedure for clearing each department listed on the reverse side. The counselor will also notify the instructors of the classes from which the student is withdrawing. Upon delivering the completed Withdrawal Slip, along with identification, to the Business Office, a refund of fees will be made if applicable. The grade in each class from which the student withdraws will be determined by the instructor of the class according to the procedure stated above.