Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures



Adopted February 12, 1985

Revision Date August 13, 2002

Reference: Educational Programs

Policy: Pearl River Community College shall offer textbooks for purchase, as well as school supplies and merchandise for sale.

Procedure: Supply Store: The PRCC Supply Store, located on the first floor of Crosby Hall on the Poplarville Campus, offers a complete selection of school supplies. Calculators, tape recorders, backpacks, scrubs, tools, and many other items are available for the convenience of students. In addition, a vast selection of PRCC collegiate wear and other gift items are available. Students with an excess credit balance on their student account may be allowed to charge their purchases to that account (except where certain restrictions may apply). Charges to student accounts are allowed for the first eight weeks for refundable types of financial aid. Students with a credit balance of scholarship funds or other non-refundable types of financial aid may continue to make charges to their accounts until one week prior to final exams during the Fall and Spring terms (except where certain restrictions may apply). Textbook Store: The PRCC Textbook Store, located on the first floor of Crosby Hall on the Poplarville Campus, offers a full range of required and supplemental texts. Supplemental texts include items such as workbooks, study guides, review books, and reference books. Bookstore (Forrest County Center): For the convenience of students, the PRCC Bookstore at the Forrest County Center is located on the first floor of the Allied Health Center. This bookstore offers textbooks, both required and supplemental, as well as school supplies and other merchandise. Purchase Books: The bookstore will offer new textbooks for purchase and used textbooks for purchase when available. Nebraska Book Company will conduct a Book Buy Back at the end of each semester. Online Textbooks: Students taking online courses are responsible for acquiring the required textbooks by whatever means they choose. Students may choose to place an order for textbooks required for online courses from the PRCC Bookstore. All online textbook orders placed must be prepaid. The student may choose to make purchases in the bookstores by any of these methods: cash, check, VISA, or MasterCard. Students who have credit balances on their student receivable account may make purchases on their accounts by using excess monies provided by Pell Grant, scholarship, loans, etc. Textbooks purchased through the PRCC Bookstore for online courses cannot be returned (see return policy) for credit, refund, or exchange. Students may choose to place orders for online textbooks from MBS Direct. Students choosing to place their online book order from MBS Direct who plan to pay by credit card may contact MBS Direct themselves. Students authorized to may charges to their accounts must complete an online textbook order form in its entirety. To order textbooks, students can visit the bookstore website at: http// and click on the link for “online textbook orders” or come in to either of the PRCC campus bookstores. Students must submit a copy of their student profile along with each order. After the online textbook order form has been completed, the student can bring the form along with a copy of their student profile (from the MSVCC site) to the campus bookstore or fax a copy to the campus store nearest them. Students using financial aid must have the amount of financial aid verified by the Business Office before an order can be placed. Textbooks ordered from MBS Direct may be returned directly to MBS Direct for refund or credit (based on the return policy set by MBS Direct). All orders being charged to the student’s account must be delivered to the PRCC Bookstore for verification. The student should have the textbooks required for online courses in his/her possession on or before the day online classes begin. The PRCC Bookstore cannot accept orders for textbooks via telephone or email. Merchandise/Textbook Refund: Merchandise and/or textbooks must be in new condition and must be returned within 10 calendar days from the original date of purchase. To obtain a full refund on merchandise or textbooks: ! You must have your original cash register receipt or white copy of charge voucher. New books must be in absolutely new condition (no markings, erasures, white-out, soiled spots, bent or frayed edges, etc.). Price sticker and/or tags must still be on all textbooks and/or merchandise. All items sold in shrink wrap must be returned sealed in the original shrink wrap. Any defective item must be returned within 30 days of original purchase date. After 30 days, customers must contact the manufacturer directly for warranty information. Textbooks Changes: Exceptions to this must have a waiver approved by the respective dean, the Dean of Business Services, and the President. Changes for purchase textbooks will be restricted to a four-semester policy. However, these requests much be coordinated with the Bookstore Manager and the respective department chair. Recommendations for textbook changes should be made to the Bookstore Manager by the department chairperson. All textbook adoptions must be approved by the respective department chair prior to being purchased by the Bookstore for purchase by students. Textbook data forms must be submitted to the Bookstore Manager for each course being offered. # In order to maintain an adequate inventory of textbooks, instructors/directors must submit textbook data forms to the Bookstore Manager by: ! February 1: Textbooks required for Fall and Summer Semesters ! October 1: Textbooks required for Spring Semester Payments: Personal checks must be imprinted with current address, phone number, driver’s license number, and social security number. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Students may also use financial aid (bookstore charge vouchers) to charge purchases when available. PRCC ID or driver’s license MUST be presented (except cash payments).