Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Developmental Courses

Adopted December 7, 1993

Revision Date May 12, 2004

Reference: Educational Programs

Policy: Pearl River Community College offers developmental courses for students with deficiencies in the areas of English, mathematics, and reading.

Procedure: Developmental courses are designed to strengthen the students' basic skills in order that they may become better prepared to succeed in other college courses. Essential Skills (LLS 1103) Beginning English (ENG 1013) Intermediate English (ENG 1023) Fundamentals of Mathematics (MAT 1013) Beginning Algebra (MAT 1023) Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1233) Reading Comprehension (REA 1013) Related Studies Mathematics (VOM 1103) Related Studies Reading (VOR 1103) 1. Effective Fall 2000. Institutional credit is awarded for developmental courses and students pursuing an Associate in Arts degree may use up to nine hours of the following developmental courses as electives toward graduation at Pearl River Community College Intermediate English (ENG 1023) Beginning Algebra (MAT 1023) Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1233) 2. A student taking one or more developmental courses should not normally take more than 12 semester hours plus a maximum of 2 activity courses for a total of 14 semester hours. 3. Class Meetings: Developmental courses meet three lecture hours per week. (3 credit hours per course) 4. Grading: Beginning in Fall 1993, students enrolled in developmental courses must earn a grade of "C" or higher in order to enroll in the next higher level course. Students not earning a grade of "C" or higher must repeat the course the following regular semester. 5. Students whose ACT subscores indicate their need to enroll in one or more developmental courses must schedule these courses immediately. This requirement may not be delayed until a further semester without the approval of the Vice President for Instruction or the appropriate Dean, Director, or Department Chair. 6. A student enrolled in all 1103 developmental courses must enroll in LLS 1103, Essential Skills. DEVELOPMENTAL COURSE PLACEMENT The following American College Test (ACT) scale scores on the English, reading, and mathematics subtests determine developmental course placement: ACT SCALE SCORE SUBJECT AREA Before Sept. 89/After Sept.89 Placement Mathematics 1 - 6 / 1 - 13 Fundamentals of Mathematics - MAT 1013 7 - 9 / 14 - 15 Beginning Algebra - MAT 1023 10 - 12/ 16 - 17 Intermediate Algebra - MAT 1233 with "C" or better in 1 year of high school algebra 13 - or above/ 18 or above College Algebra - MAT 1313 with "C" or higher in 2 years of high school algebra English 1 - 8 / 1 - 12 Beginning English - ENG 1013 9 - 12 / 13 - 15 Intermediate English - ENG 1023 13 or above / 16 or above English Composition I - ENG 1113 Reading 1 - 9 / 1 - 15 Reading Comprehension - REA 1013 10 or above / 16 or above May enroll in Social Studies ***NOTE*** (1) Students must meet BOTH the ACT scale score requirement and the high school algebra requirement before enrolling in Intermediate or College Algebra. (2) If a student has taken the ACT more than once, the subtest scores from the test with the highest composite score should be used. Subtest scores from more than one test may not be combined to determine developmental course placement. (3) At the beginning of each term, challenge tests are available for students to verify appropriate placement in English, mathematics, or reading. Career-Technical Developmental Course Program Any career-technical student assigned to one or more Developmental courses will be governed by the following procedures: (1) Attendance - Developmental classes will meet three hours a week. A student who has six unexcused absences in a developmental class will be dropped from class. (2) Probation/Suspension - A career student who fails to reach the ninth grade level on Math (tenth grade level for marketing and all secretarial students) and the tenth grade level on reading the first semester will be placed on instructional probation. A student who fails to reach the above mentioned grade levels the second semester will be suspended from the institution for one regular semester. (3) Prerequisite - Career students must successfully complete Related Studies Mathematics (VOM 1103) before enrolling in Applied Math. (4) Technical students who take the ACT and score 1-13 on mathematics will be assigned to Related Studies Mathematics (VOM 1103); 1-15 on Social Studies (Reading) will be assigned to Related Studies Reading (VOR 1103). These students will be governed by Item 2 Probation/Suspension.