Pearl River Community College

Policies & Procedures


Academic Restart

Adopted April 9, 1996

Revision Date March 5, 2002

Reference: Educational Programs

Policy: Pearl River Community College will provide an opportunity for a student s grade point average (GPA) to be re-calculated.

Procedure: Upon proper request and subsequent approval, a student s previous grades will be removed from consideration in calculating his or her overall GPA. Conditions are as follows: A. A student must submit a completed "Academic Restart" form to the Director of Admissions who will forward it to the Vice President for Instruction for possible approval. Approval of the request will be granted by the Vice President only in a case where the student can have no reasonable expectation of raising their overall GPA to 2.00 within two calendar years. Approval will not be granted in a case where the student could retake failed courses and have a reasonable expectation of raising their overall GPA to 2.00 within one year. B. A minimum of ten regular semesters (fall and spring) or five calendar years must have lapsed from the end of the most recent semester prior to the restart  of enrollment. C. Academic Restart  is defined as the removal from consideration of all instructional (academic/career/technical) work completed prior to the point of re-enrollment for the purpose of calculating GPA and assessing graduation status. D. Academic Restart  can be declared only once at PRCC. E. Once Restart  has been declared, discounted work will not be considered toward calculating GPA from that date forward. No work will be removed from student academic records; the following notation will be made at the point where the new work begins for graduation purposes and for purposes of calculating GPA:  Academic Restart  was declared on ______(Date). Hours attempted prior to that date are not a part of the overall GPA calculation.  F. Students will be advised that other colleges/universities to which they may transfer may or may not honor the change in GPA resulting from a declaration of Academic Restart . G. Upon making a request for Restart , a student will be counseled as to whether he/she is eligible to make a declaration of Academic Restart  and with regard to the conditions applicable to the declaration of academic restart. If restart  is requested for the last enrollment at PRCC, and if conditions are met, the student will be allowed to attend one semester on provisional  status. During that provisional  status enrollment the student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher on a minimum of 12 semester hours (full time status). If the student s GPA is less than 2.5, the student will not be allowed to declare academic restart  for the last enrollment before ten (10) more semesters have lapsed. The student may qualify under provision H  below for declaring Academic Restart  for previous enrollment terms. H. Students who have had more than one enrollment period where there was a time lapse of ten (10) semesters (fall and spring) between the periods, may elect to declare academic restart  for one or more of those periods, provided that once the restart date is established the restart will apply to all enrollments prior to that time. I. The Vice President for Instruction is authorized to make interpretations on questions not expressly answered in this policy and procedure or in the considerations  section of the procedure. J. A students' GPA recalculated according to the Academic Restart Policy may not apply toward financial aid eligibility.